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Hello Rygl-why-goddess

Would you like to...

  • Look and feel fabulous (Yay!:)
  • Live your divine Goddess Purpose
  • Love your body
  • Tap into your feminine power
  • Create a nutrition plan that works and feels gooood for you
  • Love & appreciate your life
  • Connect to your true essence
  • Feel vibrant, energetic & awesome
  • Create & manifest beautiful visions for your life
  • Learn how to nourish your body, mind & spirit
  • Remove obstacles and own the happiness that is within you
  • Live your truths and be YOU fully
  • Rock the 10 Goddess Elements: Nutrition, Confidence, Beauty, Relationships, Self-Care, Movement, Spirituality, Sensuality, Play & Purpose
  • Be a part the amazing, powerful, brilliant community of Goddesses around the world who are all rockin’ their Goddess lives
  • Be Inspired, Empowered, & Laugh a lot :)

If Yes: It's Time To Rock Your Goddess Life!! :)

This program meets weekly for 12 weeks. It is a combination of lecture, group coaching, discussion, fun exercises & materials to rock it. The focus will be on self love, food, spirituality, self care, wellness, relationships, movement, fun & play, meditation, purpose, creativity & sensuality and whatever else flows through!

Each week we will focus on one of the ten Goddess Elements to embody mind, body & spirit radiance. It will be a journey into bio-individuality, where we will find ways of being, eating, and living that support your true essence to shine! Essentially...Rock Your Goddess Life in your own style! :)

It will be a fun group setting, and we will support each other in implementing gradual changes week by week that will contribute to long-term health, joy, love, purpose, radiance & yumminess!


This is a transformative program. The intention is to remove any and all obstacles & blocks that are limiting us in our lives and to fully allow our light & happiness to shine. We will focus on daily practices that help us integrate and embody the Goddess Elements. When we fully show up for our lives and do the practices that nurture our Goddess essence, we fully embody our feminine wisdom and transformation happens. This program is not just about intellectual understanding. This program is really about owning & standing in our Goddess radiance and power and fully stepping into the Goddess we know ourselves to be.

Here's all the goodness you get:

  • 12 group sessions (weekly: 75 minutes by phone) recorded mp3s available to download
  • 10 Goddess Elements mp3s to rock your Nutrition, Movement, Confidence, Spirituality, Purpose, Play, Sensuality, Self-Care, Relationships, & Beauty.
  • Weekly Q&A Audio downloads with all of your questions answered
  • Fun, Inspiring, Informative & Uplifting videos
  • Awesome handouts, journal exercises, worksheets, daily journals & mindmaps to guide you through the transformation process
  • 12+ PhilosophersNotes pdfs
  • 20 + downloadable interviews
  • Weekly Goddess Fun-Work
  • Lots of Goddess tools to rock your Goddess Life
  • Access to the private & exclusive Goddess online community to share, discuss, learn, & celebrate with fellow rockin’ Goddesses
  • Blissloads of Goddess love & yumminess!

Why you’ll love Rock Your Goddess Life:

5 ways to learn and rock your Goddess life in this awesome program

Audio Learning:
You will receive 10 Goddess Elements mp3s (20-40 minutes each). These mp3s are some of my favorite yummy ideas on how to rock each Goddess Element. You will also have 20 Goddess Interview mp3s. These are interviews with some of the leading experts on living an authentically awesome life. We have interviews with Kris Carr, Mariel Hemingway, Sonia Choquette, Rory Freedman and many more Goddesses who share their wisdom and brilliance. These are powerful interviews to inspire you to rock it even more!

Video Learning:
You will have access to 12 private videos. You will receive one video every week on how to rock the Goddess Element for that week! Each video will support you in finding the best ways to fully embody each week’s Goddess Element. You will also have access to 50+ inspiring, empowering and educational videos in the membership site as well.

Fun-work & Journaling:
 Journaling is another wonderful way to tap into your essence and your intuition. You will receive weekly journal exercises to help and guide you to open up to what is wanting to emerge in your life each step of the way. You will also receive fun-work every week with playsheets to further rock each of the Goddess Elements.

Group Coaching:
Every week you will have access to the recorded mp3 Group Goddess Coaching Call. The calls are a combination of a lecture on each one of the Goddess Elements with Question & Answers. Each call is packed with blissloads of inspirational goodness to help you to rock your Goddess life every week!

You will also have access in the membership site to submit your questions and I will create a weekly Q&A mp3 answering all of your questions.

You will have access to a private Goddess community. This is an amazing way to connect to incredible Goddesses around the world who are committed to rockin' their Goddess life. It is a magical, sacred and inspired place to share your wisdom and learn from other Goddesses. The love, connection, authenticity and empowerment that flows through the community is amazing. We all need community to support us in our transformational process. The community is a vital component of the program. It is so important to have like-minded Goddesses going through the process with you to share, support, celebrate, & appreciate each other each step of the way.

Program Investment: $150.00

Yes, 150 dollars for all that! This is such a great deal and I LOVE it!! It makes me super happy to know that Goddesses from anywhere in the world can rock it! My only requirement is that you make a deep commitment to yourself to do the work, play full out and have the intention to fully rock your Goddess life! And, if you're ready...Let's Play!

You can get started here!

I am super excited about this yummy journey and look forward to meeting all of you divine Goddesses! :)

In love & gratitude,


P.S. If for any reason money is an issue we have set it up for you to pick your price. We offer scholarships as well.


Alexandra loves studying life and living out loud. That makes her a Goddess. She also loves inspiring and empowering peeps to rock their most authentically awesome Goddess lives. That’s why she created Rock Your Goddess Life. Meet Alexandra