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The 10 Elements of Goddess Living

Rockin’ Your Goddess Life is all about embracing 10 Essential Elements. From Confidence and Sensuality to Nutrition and Relationships, you’ll be tapping into your Divine feminine and shining with authentic, radiant beauty and enthusiasm!


Relationships are a huge part of our happiness. When our relationships are flowing harmoniously we feel alive and connected. We’ll explore how to be your most authentic self in your relationships, how to communicate with your Loves effectively, how to ask for what you want and how you can fully receive all the potential goodness in your Relationships!


Optimizing and supercharging your nutrition is one of the most important foundational pillars to happiness and vibrant health (and, of course, to Rockin’ Your Goddess Life!). We need to be mindful as we create practices that support our most radiant health and happiness. We’ll go into detail on how you can optimize your nutrition so you (and your family!) can be the healthiest you(s) possible! Yeaaah!


We’ve gotta feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. Whether you call it God, Universal Mind, Love Presence, Divine Spirit, Life Energy, there’s a force that beats our heart, grows our hair and keeps the sun shining and we want to connect with it! We’ll discover the best ways for you to plug into your Highest Self so you can shine your brilliant light out into the world.


It’s been scientifically proven that exercise boosts our health, happiness, creativity and overall well-being. From dancing and integrated yoga/fitness goodness, we’ll explore new and fun ways for you to be inspired to move your sexy bod! It’s super (!) important if want to be the most deliciously awesome and vibrantly alive Goddesses we can be!


We all have a desire to serve the world. We’re all passionate about giving our greatest gifts in greatest service to the world. And finding ways to effectively do all that is vital. We’ll explore new ways you can rock your Goddess Genius as you feel more and more connected to your most authentic, bold and audacious self. We’ll help you get clear about what your top priorities are and how you can show up fully to live your highest values and virtues! Bring on the Purpose mojo!


Beauty is a state of mind. When we feel beautiful we are beautiful. When we love and accept ourselves and celebrate our unique beauty we are radiantly on. We’ll explore how to fully honor and rock your unique beauty. You’ll learn how to let go of judgment and comparing and start loving and appreciating yourself more and more. As Goddesses we are all gorgeously magnificent. When we consistently tap into our Divine beauty we glow and shine. So, let’s! :)


A big part of rockin’ our Goddess lives is Play!! In our busy modern lives, Play is something that’s often overlooked or discounted as not all that important. But, it’s essential for a Goddess to rock her life! We need to create time in our daily lives to be fun, playful, creative, open and free. We’ll find new and awesome ways to add more play into your daily life!


We Goddesses need to feel rested and nourished. Self-care practices are the best way to recharge!! We’ll help you create a self-care plan that leaves you feeling all sparkly, happy and yummy as we find new ways you can add self-care practices into your daily life—from dancing and breathing deeply to napitations and setting priorities, we’ll help you get your Self-Care on!


Goddesses are sensual. That’s one of our beautiful gifts to the world. Sometimes we can dive too much into our masculine side and feel a little unbalanced. So, we’ve gotta bring back our Goddessness—our feminine essence and sensuality! It’s one of the keys for being radiant, yummy and energized. We need to find the time to tap into our Divine feminine essence. We’ll explore new, adventurous and fun things to increase your Sensual mojo.


To fully rock our Goddess mojo we need to tap into our Divine Confidence. We need to show up fully in our lives. We need to make empowered choices as we live with integrity. The more we expand out of our comfort zones and rock it, the more we increase our Confidence and self-esteem. This is an awesome program for you to have the support to really go for it, step up and step out and rock your most authentically awesome Goddess life.

As we dance and play with these 10 Goddess Elements we’re rockin’ our Goddess lives. When we feel deeply connected to our essence and feel loving, healthy, purposeful, playful, nourished, sensual, confident,beautiful, spiritual, filled up, and energized we are connected to life. We are in the flow and life magically unfolds in beautiful and miraculous ways!

We all rock our Goddess lives in different ways. This program is about crafting your unique path! These are the fundamentals and you get to choose how you are going to rock it! :)


Alexandra loves studying life and living out loud. That makes her a Goddess. She also loves inspiring and empowering peeps to rock their most authentically awesome Goddess lives. That’s why she created Rock Your Goddess Life. Meet Alexandra

  1. Relationships
  2. Nutrition
  3. Spirituality
  4. Movement
  5. Purpose
  6. Beauty
  7. Play
  8. Self-Care
  9. Sensuality
  10. Confidence

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