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Meet the Goddess


My name is Alexandra Jaye Johnson. And, yes, I am a Goddess (as all of us beautiful women are :).

I love, love, love to learn and grow! I am so inspired by learning and there are so many fabulous things I want to experience in this lifetime! :)  I am all about playfulness, creativity, curiosity, gratititude, hope & optimism, and wisdom. (These are in fact my top 6 strengths at :)

I’m evolving as I walk my own unique path. Learning to trust my intuition and love myself fully and in turn falling more in love with the world…. My commitment is to grow, expand, love, empower, heal, transform, have FUN (!!) and inspire others to do the same!! :)

I love a lot of things… But I *really* LOVE God, life, my Philosopher/hubbie, books, organic food, the human body & mind, traveling, yummy lovin’, relationship stuff, fitness, healing, spirituality, fun, creativity, personal development, freedom, love, cuddling, kissing, dancing in my underwear, singing with hairbrushes, writing, and most of all: laughter!!


P.S. Here are some random fun facts about me:

  • I was born April 16th in a small town in Illinois
  • I wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid when I grew up
  • I was the flower girl in Mariel Hemingway's wedding
  • I used to dance with the street performers in NYC (picture of me and my Mom here; the best Mom EVER! :)
  • I made movies and cooking shows when I was younger (I was the director, producer and the star :)
  • I love journals, started my first one at 10 and haven't gone a day without one! :)
  • I was a 2-time state champion in the 100-meter high hurdles
  • I was the anchor of the state champion mile relay team
  • I was Homecoming and Prom Queen (ooh la la)
  • I received a full-ride volleyball scholarship where I received All-American & All-Conference Awards (thanks to my Dad for being my agent!☺)
  • I have a degree in Sports and Fitness Management from the University of Northern Iowa – (which I created; didn't have what I wanted so I created my own with a board of directors and all sorts of awesome classes)
  • I have a massage therapy degree
  • I worked and trained with USA Volleyball at the Olympic Training Center
  • I played professional beach volleyball for a summer
  • I was a fitness model/athlete
  • I competed in 5 fitness shows and ate a (tofu) hot dog on a fitness show stage to win a bet (Video)
  • I have traveled to almost all 50 states (thanks for all those roadtrips Mom :) Also, Peru, London, Paris, Barcelona, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Japan, Ecuador and Bali.
  • I had my own massage/training/coaching business in Los Angeles
  • I am a certified private trainer
  • I am a holistic nutrition coach
  • I have done two 10-day silent Vipassana Meditation "bootcamps" ;)
  • I have gone through the whole curriculm at PAX -
  • I was the proud mommy to a puppy named Joy... she wins the cutest puppy EVER award
  • I love romantic comedies
  • I am an optimistic romantic
  • I was born a blonde; but have been many shades of blonde, brown, red and now au naturel
  • I shaved my head, it looked super HOT; I donated my hair to Locks of Love
  • I love to shake my booty
  • I love green veggie juice
  • I have visions of being a rock star & a minister
  • I am passionate and giddy about growth
  • I lived in Bali (magical island in the South Pacific) for a year
  • I wake up every morning at 5 am to meditate and do my morning ritual
  • I taught a Goddess Fitness class at the local yoga studio in Bali
  • I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (loving it :)
  • I am the Goddess over at and en*theos!
  • I am a Goddess Lifestyle Coach
  • My life is blissful, delicious, miraculous and sacred


Alexandra loves studying life and living out loud. That makes her a Goddess. She also loves inspiring and empowering peeps to rock their most authentically awesome Goddess lives. That’s why she created Rock Your Goddess Life.