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Relax, You’re A Human Being with Malaurie Barber

Relax, You’re A Human Being with Malaurie Barber

In this episode, Jessica talks with Malaurie Barber, a certified yoga teacher, energy healer and certified massage therapist.


Here are a few of our favorite Big Ideas + Other Cool Stuff from this week:


Big Idea #1: Being a Perfectionist vs. Doing Your Best

The difference is about accepting that you’re human, and that you’re not in control!

Take the steps to better yourself, and remember that the results are not up to you. If you’re not willing to give up control over the outcome, you may drive yourself crazy! :)

Look at what you want to accomplish and what are the steps you can take to help yourself get there.

Whether something becomes a big success or not, the result is out of your control. Just show up, do the work, and enjoy the process!

Honor your limitations – when we violate these boundaries and push, it can be so draining and can lead to pain and anxiety. When you get to a muscle that’s resisting you, you might be able to momentarily release it, but within a day, the body will seize up and create more hardness.

Remember one of the Four Agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz:

Always Do Your Best!


Big Idea #2: Release Your Imperfections Through Yoga

Here's a cool definition for Yoga:

Avoid obstacles without breaking natural law.

There is an order out there, and we can try to assert our will in a way that the order doesn’t support – that order will push back!

When you get into a challenging pose, stay with the feeling of not being comfortable. When we have the idea of what our experience it should be, or that we're not being perfect in this moment, we then try to make it what we want it to be instead of allowing it to just be.

Instead of saying, “I should be able to… [raise my leg/balance/hold this pose],"

Breathe into what you think should be so you can get behind what’s coming up and you’ll see the magic behind all that crap you’re putting in front.

You may feel sad or upset with yourself because you don't complete what you hoped to do; just BE with the feeling instead of trying to fix it. 

Expectations are Resentments under Construction.


Big Idea #3: What Makes Us Happy?

What's the magic ingredient?


Accept where you’re at and what’s going on with you - where you are in your journey.

Look at all the positive in your life! The glass IS half full, not half empty!

If you feel sorry for yourself and are very unhappy, turn on the news and look at what’s happening in the world. People are really suffering out there.

Happiness is just one thought away. If you can fill yourself with a single thought that truly brings you joy and gratitude, your state changes!

If you can find joy and self-love inside, that’s where happiness lives. If you can’t be with yourself and be happy, you’ll never be happy: no amount of money, beauty, and fame will help. 

Do you like who you are when no one or nothing is around you?

Here's a quick excerpt from an awesome poem (click to read the whole piece):

Oriah Mountain Dreamer – The Invitation

"I want to know if you can be alone
with yourself
and if you truly like the company you keep
in the empty moments."


Other Cool Stuff:

Check out Malaurie's Yoga Retreat: "From Broken to Beautiful"

May 31 – June 3 (Thurs-Sun) in Joshua Tree




Order Malaurie's DVD, Not Your Every Day Yoga: Journey Into Inner Strength




Health Headlines from this week:

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We hope you enjoyed and tune in next week!

-The en*theos Team


About Malaurie Barber

Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher; Forrest Yoga Certified Teacher, Kundalini and Khalsa Way Pregnancy Certified Teacher; Energy Healer and Certified Massage Therapist.

Malaurie was raised in Paris, France and was introduced at a very young age to meditation, eastern philosophy and healing. She moved to the United States 19 years ago and lived in Maryland for 11 years before moving to California 8 years ago. She earned her Hatha Yoga certification by studying with Ana Forrest 9 years ago and went on shortly after to study Kundalini and Pregnancy Yoga with Gurmukh.

Malaurie also works as a massage therapist and specializes in Cranio sacral Therapy, Energy Work and Deep Tissue Massage. Malaurie's style of yoga is a blend between Forrest Yoga and Vinyasa flow yoga. She puts a strong emphasizes on the breath and body alignment while incorporating meditation and awareness of the body in every pose.

Website: http://malauriebarber.com/

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