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Conversation with Brian Burt

Conversation with Brian Burt

In this episode Jeff speaks with Brian Burt, founder and CEO of MaestroConference, a Social Conferencing technology that allows people to participate in large-scale, truly interactive virtual events featuring real conversations.


Here are a few of our Big Ideas + Other Cool Stuff from this week...


Big Idea #1: Changing the World Requires Communication

When Brian founded MaestroConference, he wanted to build better communication software.


As he went along his focus expanded.


He found that world-sized problems needed to be solved by a world-sized conversation. MaestroConference then became a medium and a conduit for his company purpose - which was to foster conscious capitalism and the betterment of humanity by a shared dialogue.


What can you take away from this?

  • As your focus expands, you find your purpose.
  • Interdependence is an unavoidable reality. Ignore the challenges and needs of others at your own peril. By contrast, serve the needs of others for your own, and their, success.


The challenges facing the world will be only met by people and through people.


Big Idea #2: Authentic vs. Ego-Led Business

With all this talk about changing the world, it's easy to succumb to an unrealistic idealism. Despite talking about the world, those who follow this line of thinking are largely acting out of their own ego.


An ego-led business is likely to not offer long term value to its stakeholders and disappear quickly.


By contrast, an authentic-led business is grounded in its purpose. To put it simply, stand tall but stay connected to the earth. Because of this, an authentic-led business is actually safer.


How do you know you are following your purpose?


Use the best barometer available: your body.

  • Do you feel grounded when thinking about it?
  • Or are you flitting through the stratosphere in your mind?


The people you serve are out there, beyond your ego.


Big Idea #3: A Leader's Most Important Role is...

...clarifying the vision.


Sounds easy right?


It actually isn't, but not because of what you may think.


In order to do this, you must use a line of thinking that is contrary to most business practices.


A great leader sees business as an ecology, not a battlefield.


Put simply, an organization must be cultivated and approached holistically, not forced into one particular shape.


And how do you cultivate a company this way?


Open and honest communication doesn't hurt.


Other Cool Stuff:

Brian walks you through his organizational structure, Holacracy.

Find out more about Holacracy.

Can MaestroConference really help change the world?


We hope you enjoyed and tune in next week!
-The en*theos Team

About Brian Burt

Brian Burt is the founder Founder and CEO of MaestroConference. At Charles Schwab, Brian led many multi-million-dollar technology projects in the areas of telephone technology, marketing, and CRM systems. He has also led a very successful consulting firm specializing in large technology project leadership, and has co-hosted events with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, and many others. He is a skilled facilitator who also holds a Master's degree in Mathematics / Mathematical Economics.


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