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110-Year Old You In A Time Machine

“You are one hundred and ten years old. A time machine has just been invented, and you are selected as one of the first people to use it. The inventor, a scientist from NASA, tells you that you will be transported back to the day when, as it happens, you first read Happier. You, with the wisdom of having lived and experienced life, have fifteen minutes to spend with your younger and less experienced self. What do you say when you meet? What advice do you give yourself?” ~ Tal Ben-Shahar from Happier

Ben-Shahar presents this awesome exercise as he reminds us that we ALREADY know what we need to know to live an incredible life. The challenge is the fact we rarely bring it into our awareness and then actually LIVE from that knowing. 

He brings the point home powerfully by describing stories told be people whose lives are transformed when they get a cancer diagnosis. All the sudden their lives shift and they start living in more integrity with their deepest values.

Imagine this: You’re 110 years old and get a chance to hop into a time machine that brings you back to today. You’ve got 15 minutes. What do you tell yourself? 

And is now a good time to start following your inner sage?