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The Predominant Creative Force

“Without making the fundamental choice to be the predominant creative force in your life, no matter what you do to attempt to benefit yourself or enhance your life, you will merely be finding more sophisticated ways of responding to circumstances.” ~ Robert Fritz from The Path of Least Resistance

Fritz makes a brilliant argument that we don’t need more affirmations or more willpower. 

We need to make a fundamental choice. A choice on which all of our other choices and behaviors are built. The choice to live at our highest potential. To choose to be a creator not a victim. To choose health and vitality. To choose love. 

Few of us ever make those FUNDAMENTAL choices.

This is basically Stephen Covey’s “Habit #1: Be Proactive.”

It’s absolutely essential to make the fundamental choice to be responsible for how we show up. 

Will we be creators or will be victims?

Will we put control outside of ourselves and blame circumstances (a poor childhood, annoying boss, traffic jam, etc.) for how we’re showing up in our lives or will we own the fact that we alone are responsible for choosing (!) how we bring ourselves to the world?

“This one fundamental choice—to be the predominant creative force in your life—is a foundation for the entire orientation of the creative… From this choice the meaning of the word desire changes for you, from ‘idle wishes and hopes’ to ‘true vision of that which is the highest in human aspiration and vision.’”