What one can be, one must be.

Abraham Maslow

Brian Johnson

I'm the Philosopher + CEO of en*theos. I love wisdom. And I love helping people optimize their lives so we can change the world together. I also love my wife and our little son, Emerson.

Do you know what the word “hero” means? In ancient Greek, the word “hērōs” (spelled with a cool line over the e and the o) meant PROTECTOR. Not “killer of bad guys” or “super strong tough guy” but PROTECTOR.

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    Robert Gordon Eicher


    read your post on FB about this and it's really all quite inspiring what's coming together for you.
    (and your note about the new year... the genius of it all: acquiring the former church property; etc)

    interesting about what "hero" actually means;
    and then is resonating with a personal epiphany I just had last night about your life and efforts being beyond your self.

    motivation has been a struggle for me because other than feeling like I'm wasting my self... I'm content.
    I have no il...

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Want to influence yourself? Tap into your natural tendency to want consistency. Here's a quick look at how to do that. (Hint: Start small. Write down your commitment. Share your it.)

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    This is so interesting!! Wow..