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Daily Mojo. Because it's all about the daily practice.

It’s easy to start and stop a meditation practice. But consistency is what it’s all about.
We’ve created Daily Mojo to help you to rock it!

Binaural Beats +
soothing sounds.

We help you relax and drop into the meditative state known as Alpha.Learn more

Your own subliminal affirmations.

You record your affirmations. We embed them subliminally. You soak your mind in goodness.Learn more

15 & 30 minute options.

You want to meditate for 15 minutes or 30 minutes today? Hook yourself up with whatever you’re in the mood for.Learn more

This is what we use.

Brian and Alexandra haven’t missed a day of meditation in 2+ years. Now they start every morning w/ Daily Mojo.Learn more

So easy to use.

From free coaching and an awesome site, we make it *really* easy to record your affirmations and get your Blissitation on.Learn more

Fancy pants technology + soothing
sounds = Goodness.

As we talked about on the “Why Blissitations” page, our brains tend to play in roughly four states: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. We spend way too much time in stressed-out Beta mode and way too little time in the restorative Alpha/Theta states.

The Daily Mojo tracks come with special binaural beats technology along with super-soothing sounds that help you slow down your brain waves and drop from Beta to a deep Alpha and even a light Theta. That’s pretty sweet.

You can choose a package with our beautiful Rainfall track or get all three of our soothing sounds— Rainfall + Ocean Waves + Flowing Water. Put these calming sounds together with the binaural beats and you’re on your way to deep, nourishing goodness.

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Your Own subliminal affirmations

Various traditions have been teaching us the power of mantras and affirmations for thousands of years and we talked about the scientific research that’s revealing the power of subliminals on the “Why Blissitations” page.

With Daily Mojo, you record your own 2-5 minutes worth of inspiring affirmations and we subliminally underlay them on your tracks so you can soak your mind in positive goodness every time you get your Daily Mojo on.

With free coaching, an awesome site and Brian and Alexandra’s own affirmations to check out, we make it *really* easy for you to record incredible affirmations that’ll help transform your consciousness.

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How long do you want to meditate today?

Research has proven that we can experience the remarkable benefits of meditation in as little as 12- 15 minutes. Of course, a little more time training your brain to chillax is a good thing but we don’t always have the time to sit for a long time.

So, we’ve made it easy for you. You’ll get 15-minute and 30-minute tracks so you can pick the time that’s right for you. Good times!

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We use Daily Mojo every morning.

Brian and Alexandra haven’t missed a day of meditation in over two years. As they shared how much their lives were transformed after a couple thousand hours of experimenting with everything from Holosync to Transcendental Meditation they had a *lot* of people asking them how to best create their own meditation practice. So, they created Blissitations.

Now, they start every day with their Daily Mojo.

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You’ll be surprised at the ease of use.

Free coaching to get your Blissitation on.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had your own Blissitation coach? Well, now you’ve got one! Our trained en*theos coaches are here to help you create your affirmations and get your Blissitation on!

Fast, friendly, easy online customer support.

The membership site features an easy-to-use instant form for all your customer support queries. So meet Mozart, your personal customer support go-to. He’ll answer any questions you have with Blissitations, the membership site, and anything else!

One-Click download technology.

Blissitations’ one-click technology let’s you instantly download all the MP3s in a ZIP file, saving you time and hassle.

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