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Meet Brian & Alexandra

Meet Brian:

Part Philosopher, part CEO. After selling the business he was running a few years ago, Brian decided to give himself a Ph.D. in Optimal Living. He couldn’t find a program that integrated everything he wanted to study—from old school philosophy, positive psychology and spirituality to nutrition, health & fitness, creativity, business and modern self-development. So, he decided to create his own doctoral program.

He earned his Master’s by creating an innovative company called PhilosophersNotes where he shares “More Wisdom in Less Time” by distilling the Big Ideas from one hundred of his favorite optimal living classics into fun, inspiring and super practical 6-page PDFs, 20-minute MP3s and 10-minute PNTV episodes. He synthesized the 1,000+ Big Ideas from those great books into a class called Optimal Living 101 and book called A Philosopher's Notes for his dissertation and is now having fun creating cool businesses (including Blissitations!) as the Philosopher + CEO of en*theos.

In his past lives Brian raised over $8 million to finance two leading social networking sites (eteamz + Zaadz) that have served millions. He’s a proud law school drop out who enjoys spooning with his Goddess when he’s not reading or hiking or creating or otherwise enjoying himself.

Meet Alexandra:

100% Goddess, Alexandra is a former All-American volleyball player, fitness model, massage therapist, personal trainer and certified health counselor. She’s read at least as many books as Brian and has attended way more workshops than he has. Alexandra decided to give herself a Ph.D. in Goddess Living and, as you might have guessed, couldn’t find a program that integrated everything she wanted to study—from nutrition, fitness and spirituality to sensuality, creativity and love. So, she decided to create her own doctoral program as well!

She earned her Master’s by creating her Rock Your Goddess Life program where she integrated the 8 Elements of Goddess Living into a fun, empowering program for women to get their Goddess on! She’s still figuring out what she’s gonna do for her dissertation. :)

Why Blissitations?

(Time to get out of third person. :)

A little context: Our meditation practice is our #1 Blissipline and we’re *huge* believers in the power of meditation. We haven’t missed a day in 2+ years (since we made our 100% commitment!) and, between the two of us, we’ve spent thousands of hours experimenting with various kinds of meditation—from Transcendental Meditation (we were blessed to learn from a woman who was the Maharishi’s liaison to the Beatles back in the day) and Vipassana (we did a 10-day silent meditation together (Alexandra’s been twice)) to hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds!) of hours meditating with Holosync, Brainsync, Paraliminals and various other programs.

Our lives have been transformed as a result of our practice and we’re constantly encouraging members of our community to get their meditation on. And, as a result, the #1 question we’ve been asked lately is: “How can I start a meditation practice?!”

We’ve recommended all of the above resources, but didn’t really have a great “Here’s how to get started and here’s what you need to know to really rock it” kind of response.

Enter: Blissitations.

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