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Brian Johnson
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Isn't it a bit odd that most schools go from Science to Math to History but somehow miss
the class on how to live? We thought so, too. That's why we created the Academy for Optimal Living.

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Expert Spotlight

Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen has authored 20+ books, was a contributing writer for the N.Y. Times #1 best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, and has been featured on, and in USA Today, and the Washington Post.

Carrie Contey, PhD

Carrie Contey, PhD, co-founded the Slow Family Living movement. Her scholarly and hands-on research gave birth to CALMS: A Guide to Soothing Your Baby & What Babies Want: Calming and Communicating With Your Baby.

Dr. Eric Maisel

Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of 40+ books and is one of the world’s leading creativity coaches. His interests include the creative life, creativity coaching, and natural psychology, the new psychology of meaning.

Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein is passionate about elevating humanity through business. Towards those ends, he supports CEOs and companies to develop conscious cultures and to engage their stakeholders around shared purpose and values.

Mandy Evans

Author of Emotional Options + Traveling Free, Mandy Evans teaches people from all walks of life how to be happy and succeed, including successful writers and coaches in the field of human consciousness.

Michaela Boehm

Michaela Boehm creates a dynamic experiential teaching style combining her 15+ years of experience as a counselor with her in-depth training in the yogic arts. She teaches artful intimacy and polarity with David Deida.

Sara Gottfried, MD

Dr. Sara Gottfried teaches women and men how to balance their hormones so they can rock their mission. She is the author of The Hormone Cure, a Harvard-trained M.D. and a yoga teacher.

Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler is a master coach to top level professionals and coaches. He is the author of 30+ books that help people overcome their fears, master their time, and astonish through service.

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