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Super Immunity with Joel Fuhrman, M.D.: Week 5 - Healthy Carbs, Fats, and Proteins


Here are a few of our favorite Big Ideas + Other Cool Stuff from Week 5 of Joel Fuhrman, M.D.'s 6-week course Super Immunity.

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The Context

Joel Fuhrman, M.D., a leading expert and board-certified medical specialist in prevention and reversing disease, offers a comprehensive guide to superior health.

Based on the latest scientific research, Super Immunity shows us how we can become almost totally resistant to colds, influenza, and other infections.

In this course, we explore how what we eat has everything to do with our health, and, unfortunately, too many of us are living with a severely depleted immune function. Our dietary choices are making us sicker, shortening our lives, and costing us billions of dollars in doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications. But Joel Fuhrman, M.D. doesn’t believe more medical care is the answer. Rather, he explains the solution is to change the way we eat.

THIS WEEK, we're talking about Healthy Carbs, Fats, and Proteins!

Let's check out some of our favorite Big Ideas from this week:

Big Idea #1: Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

We are often misled by paying too much attention to so-called experts who say to eat a low fat, low carb, and high protein diet. They are missing the point of what keeps the immune system healthy and strong.

What’s more important is the micronutrient content of your diet – things like vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Your health depends on the micronutrient content (per calorie) of your diet.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) focuses on primarily low-nutrient and high-calorie foods. This is a serious problem!

When choosing what carbohydrates to eat, always consume natural carbohydrates and stay away from refined carbohydrates.

Good carbs come in foods like: beans, lentils, peas, berries, tomatoes, squash, fruit, sweet potatoes and intact whole grains such as corn, wild rice, barley, oats, and quinoa.

Bad carbs come in "foods" like: sweeteners, sugar, honey, maple syrup, white flour, white rice, whole-grain pastry, packaged cold cereals, commercial fruit juices, and fruit-juice sweetened beverages. 

Big Idea #2: Don’t Believe the Protein Hype

Most Americans come about 100 grams of protein daily – that’s about 50% more than the recommended amount. A lot of dieters and athletes aim to get even more protein in their bodies because of incorrect nutritional information.

The meat, dairy, and egg industries propagate the myth that we need these foods (to get the right amount of protein) to be properly nourished. It’s not true!

If you vigorously engage in prolonged physical activity, you will need extra protein, but that’s all consumable through nutrient dense sources.

A healthy assortment of plant foods provides sufficient protein (about 50 grams per every 1,000 calories).

Good plant foods to eat for protein: peas, lentils, spinach, whole grain bread, corn on the cob, brown rice, and sunflower seeds. 

Big Idea #3: 5 Rules for a Powerful Immune System

  1. Eat a large salad every day.
  2. Eat at least ½ cup of beans every day.
  3. Eat at least 3 fresh fruits daily – especially berries, pomegranates, cherries, plums and oranges.
  4. Eat at least one ounce of raw nuts and seeds daily.
  5. Eat at least one large (double-size) serving of green vegetables daily - either raw, steamed, or in soups or stews. 

Other Cool Stuff

As usual, this week's call was PACKED with real specific goodness that isn't captured in these notes. For the full scoop on Healthy Carbs, Fats, and Proteins, check out the mp3 recording here: Super Immunity Week 5.

You can also pick up a copy of this week's lesson slides here: Week 5's Lesson Slides.




NEXT WEEK, we'll explore Making the Right Choices. 

Hope you enjoyed and see you for our final class in Week 6!

- The en*theos Team

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Joel Fuhrman, M.D., is a board-certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. His best-selling books include Eat to Live, Eat for Health and Disease-Proof Your Child.


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