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The New Man

with Tripp Lanier

Course Overview

Let’s face it being a forward thinking man in the 21st Century is confusing. The archetypes of the past are finished.

As glamorous as it might seem, Don Draper’s womanizing, boozing version of a man would be in sex and alcohol rehab within 15 minutes today.

In our increasingly-connected society John Wayne’s stoic-lone-wolf-type would be left on a street corner begging for change.

And who wants to be the “nice-guy-new-age-flake” whose spineless tendencies make him a doormat for women and the world to walk over?

It’s time for The New Man to show up. The 21st century man who goes beyond the macho jerk and the new age wimp. The man who navigates relationships and work with brains, balls and heart. The New Man does not hide behind an archetype of the past.

In this course we explore the philosophies and practices that transcend and include the best of what our previous role models had to offer without the limitations that led to their demise.


"Just want to say that your New Man coaching at Entheos Academy with Brian Johnson was TOTALLY AWESOME! Tripp, thanks for all your powerful insights and helping me move towards escaping the mundane daily survival routine and depart on a new "balls-out" journey that has allowed me to leave my fears and stupid bullshit things behind so I can thrive with the things I love! THANKS!!!"
—Barton M.

"Thanks for the great course.  Although I didn't chime in on the calls, I really enjoyed listening to you layout your best ideas in a easy to digest style. Thanks again for helping spread your message and help others be better versions of themselves."
—Lane W.

"I am loving your New Man course. It is amazing because I feel like you are talking directly to me. Blows my mind. I appreciate all that you do, and I just wanted to say thank you."
—Taylor G.

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Who Should Attend?

Any guy who is:

  • Exhausted from feeling lost or stuck in a rut
  • Frustrated because he’s not tapping into his potential
  • Scared and wondering, “Now what?”
  • Refusing to settle for a cookie-cutter excuse for a life
  • Wanting to feel FIRED UP about his work, relationships and life
  • Tired of shallow relationships
  • Ready to ditch the drama
  • Hungry for more meaning and direction in his life
  • Wanting to know what really works

What You'll Learn

Week One: The Intro/Course Overview

Week Two: Clarifying Your Life's Direction

Week Three: Avoiding the Traps

Week Four: Getting Out of Ruts

Week Five: Stepping Up in Relationships

Week Six: Aligning Your Work in the World

Week Seven: Practices: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Week Eight: Conclusion/Wrap Up

What You’ll Get Out of the Course

After years of coaching guys “in the trenches” and conducting interviews with experts from every walk of life, Tripp will share the most potent “No BS” ideas, tips and practices to help you:

  • Minimize limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back
  • Relax because you know “you’re on track”
  • Reveal your unique purpose and direction for life
  • Bounce back quicker from adversity
  • Quit waiting to do what you love
  • Discover the value you bring to the world
  • Overcome resistance and self-sabotage
  • Avoid the traps that claim most men’s lives
  • Get out of a rut and into action
  • Successfully deal with intimate relationships and friendships alike

Let’s cut to the chase — this course is designed to help you live a kickass life.

About Tripp Lanier

Tripp Lanier is host of The New Man Podcast, a professional men’s coach, business owner and artist.

As a host, he has interviewed such notable personalities as Ken Wilber, Marcus Buckingham, Bill Harris, Steve Pavlina, Shawn Phillips, Dr. Robert Glover and Stephen Pressfield.

The New Man Podcast reaches listeners around the world, and regularly finds its home in the Top Ten Self Help Podcasts on iTunes. Tripp was featured in EnlightenNext’s issue dedicated to “Constructing the New Man.”

As a men’s coach and group facilitator, Tripp has coached men all over the world to live kickass lives and navigate the challenging world of relationships. He has trained with and contributes to The Authentic Man Program in San Francisco and Boulder. He is the creator of THE NEW MANual and The New Man Life online courses.

Tripp has had the privilege of studying with Ken Wilber, Jun Po Denis Kelly & The Hollow Bones Order of Rinzai Zen, Genpo Roshi and Big Mind, David Deida, Vipassana via S.N. Goenka, The Taoist Tai Chi Society and many other amazing people along the way.

Tripp is married and has a wife, daughter and a funny looking dog. They split their time living near the water in Florida and the mountains of Colorado. They visit the island of Kauai as often as possible.

Praise for Tripp Lanier

“Tripp, Thank you for your great work. I got separated in 2005 after 35 years of life with my ex and began building an own life, and I'm just in the best happiest state that I never thought would be achievable. I'm forever grateful to you. Thank you so very much for enabling me to get up and radically change how I go about my life.”
— Hans

“Tripp, You & your podcast show has inspired & shattered my core. I mean I have been in a shit rut for a very long time, to be honest probably since a teenager (am now 36).

You however & your guests WOW! I downloaded the entire iTunes podcast in 1 hit after watching your web video, smashing my download content for the month, but you know what? I don't give a shit, cause what you & your guests are giving me is so much more than ebay & hotmail & all the other false crap I have in my web bookmarks that I would habitually surf each night, while eating a shit meal & drinking beers. I'm so inspired Tripp!!!!

Thank you Tripp. One day I will be so far from the shadow of a Man I am today because of you & your guests. Again thank you so much!!!”
— Lucien

“I love the interviews you do at The New Man. Life changing indeed. I do believe there is an essence in the way you work that well ... just gets straight to the point in helping others live the best life they can.”
— Gordon

“Hi Tripp — I've been listening to you for the last two years. Its been the most challenging time in my life. I used to be very passive, these days I have so much more confidence in myself & have a totally different outlook on life. The information you pass along to us is life-changing, Tripp thanks for keeping it real.”
— William

“I was at point of deep dissatisfaction in my life. My marriage was flat and lacked connection, I was feeling dull and unfocused at work (in a job that I felt like I should have loved), and I was unable to get moving in a new creative pursuit I felt was the next phase of my life's purpose. After many, many months of wallowing in this painful, frustrating, and draining place, I knew I had to do something about it. I had been listening to The New Man Podcast for a year or so, and was drawn to Tripp's personality and his themes of clarity and action. I doubted I could afford to work 1 on 1 with him, but figured I only have one life, so I should at least inquire.

It was the best decision I've made in years. Tripp had no magic potion or spells, just simple questions that turned out to make all the difference. From the outset I felt at ease and comfortable talking with him. There's no BS with Tripp; he's a straight shooter who was fully attuned to me and didn't come at me with psychobabble or new age mumbo jumbo. He helped me break through walls I didn't know I was building for myself. In 5 weeks I accomplished goals I thought it would take a year to reach. That's a fact. I'm on my way to a better life, made of better moments. He gave me simple guidelines I can apply on my own, though I know he's just a phone call or email away if I want to talk to him. Oh, and best of all he's worth every penny.” 
— M.L., New Jersey

"Just want to write you a quick note to thank you.  I recently took the New Man course through the en*theos Academy and that really was awesome.  I will be honest, that I have not implemented everything talked about, but I am working on it and it is great.  I listen to the mp3's pretty often to refresh myself, and am more inspired every time (not in a "crutch" sort of way)."

— Denny G.

“I really want take a minute to express my gratitude for you and our work together over the past three months. This is a time in my life when I'm going thru a pivotal transition, and have been in need of guidance, advice and wisdom. You've really come thru for me on all fronts and been an incredible teacher. I'm constantly humbled by your knowledge, sensitivity, charisma, humility and leadership. You're great at what you do, Tripp. You've set my life on a different course, and I'll be forever grateful for that.” — Matt F., Los Angeles

“I’ve had four personal coaches in the past five years, and ultimately I dropped them all, thinking I was just too slippery for them.

I got to know Tripp through his podcast. I thought, ‘This guy is laser sharp.’ Then I signed up for his group calls and listened to him work with other guys. He did not disappoint.

Then my mom died, my freelance copywriting gigs dried up, and my relationship was going downhill. On top of that, I was having trouble with my theatre group, the one area where I had found my true purpose. I got depressed and was doing all the things I knew not to do (numbing out in a big way). I could feel that little Saboteur inside me fingering the “Let’s F*** This Up” button. So, I decided I needed to give myself the gift of Tripp’s coaching before I crashed.

Tripp advised me to take a step back. Instead of jumping in with guns blazing, we focused on the fundamentals of self-care. I was exhausted and didn’t even know it. You can’t get far on empty. He helped me discover what was true, and how I was dancing around the truth, trying to avoid upsetting others. After every meeting, he asked me to write a recap of what I got from our calls, which proved to be very valuable and helped the coaching stick.

With Tripp’s help, I grew a third testicle (or perhaps just found the two God had given me) to deal with unnecessary dramas in my life, and got the confidence to calm the parts of myself that believed I wasn’t worthy of the good things coming to me. In the end, I got clear, focused and at choice in my life.”
— Derek D., Sedona, AZ

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Tripp Lanier is a men’s coach and host of The New Man Podcast: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp. He helps men and women all over the world break out of mediocre lives, do what they love, and navigate the challenging world of relationships. Learn more about Tripp »


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