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Natural Psychology:

Exploring The New Psychology of Meaning

with Dr. Eric Maisel

Course Overview

You can’t find the meaning of life – it never was lost! Meaning never was something to be found in a philosophy, a religion, a belief system, or a way of life. Rather, meaning is a psychological experience. And because it is a psychological experience, you can create it.

You can make all the meaning you need. Meaning is a renewable resource and infinitely available. Natural psychology, the first psychology of meaning, spells out how you can fill your life with meaning by creating it. Make your days meaning-filled by learning the principles and practices of natural psychology.  Join Eric Maisel, praised for his pioneer investigations of meaning in groundbreaking books like The Van Gogh Blues and Rethinking Depression, as he unveils natural psychology!

Natural psychology is the first psychology to describe how to harness our innate capacity to create personal meaning. Learn how to embrace the profound paradigm shift from seeking meaning to making meaning, reduce the meaning crises and meaning leaks in your life and your emotional distress, and face each day more existentially decisive.

Today a great many people are suffering in all of the following ways:

  • They spend a lot of time going through the motions.
  • They experience frequent bouts of boredom, anxiety and depression.
  • They procrastinate and find themselves blocked.
  • They can’t quite figure out where to invest their time and energy.
  • They have trouble believing that they or their efforts matter.
  • They keep switching from one path to another.

These are all meaning problems—and powerfully addressed by natural psychology! Learn how to seize meaning opportunities, make conscious meaning investments, and calculate the exact amount of meaning you need in order to feel happy and fulfilled. Finally understand how meaning operates in your life—and how you can nurture it, increase it, and sustain it.

If you’re a coach you’ll work more effectively with your clients by including their meaning needs in the coaching process. If you’re a classroom teacher you’ll keep your students fully engaged and motivated. If you’re a manager you’ll understand how to prevent meaning drains that sap energy and productivity. If you’re a parent you’ll provide your children with an invaluable new language to help them talk about meaning. Natural psychology is a lens through which you can help others at the same time that you help yourself.

Learn natural psychology for your personal growth and as a skill set that you can apply everywhere in your life. If meaning interests you—and if meaning has ever been a problem for you—this is the class for you!

Dr. Maisel teaches natural psychology workshops at venues like Esalen, Kripalu and the Open Center. No need to travel to get the wisdom of those workshops!—it is accessible to you right now in this immediately available, breakthrough class.


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Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in meaning and a desire to understand their own meaning needs should attend. This includes people who’ve studied Eastern or Western philosophies or practiced a religion and want to take the next step in understanding life’s basic mechanisms and principles.

It is also perfect for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other disturbance who would like to see if natural psychology and its emphasis on meaning-making can make a positive difference in their emotional health. It will also appeal to coaches, therapists, managers, teachers and parents who want to increase their skill set with others. Lastly, this class is ideal for anyone who wants to live a more effective, more fulfilling, and more purposeful life.

What You'll Learn

Week 1. Understanding Natural Psychology

Week 2. Choosing the Meanings of Life

Week 3. Making Daily Meaning

Week 4. Seizing Meaning Opportunities

Week 5. Making Meaning Investments

Week 6. Adopting Natural Psychology Practices

Week 7. Learning Natural Psychology for Practitioners

Week 8. The Art of Infinite Meaning

What You’ll Get Out of the Course

You’ll learn that meaning is not universal but individual, that small meanings have large effects, that several meanings can be pursued at the same time, and that when you make meaning you increase your power, passion, and sense of purpose. You will learn a whole new psychology, natural psychology, the first psychology to pinpoint the pivotal role of making meaning as central to human health and happiness.

Textbook for the Course

Weekly lessons (provided)

Natural Psychology: The New Psychology of Meaning by Dr. Eric Maisel

About Dr. Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel is America’s foremost creativity expert and the author of more than 40 books including Making Your Creative Mark, Rethinking Depression, Fearless Creating, The Van Gogh Blues, Coaching the Artist Within, The Creativity Book, Mastering Creative Anxiety, Creativity for Life, Deep Writing, Affirmations for Artists, Creative Recovery, Brainstorm, Sleep Thinking, Toxic Criticism, A Writer’s Paris and A Writer’s San Francisco. He has repeatedly been singled out for his work on meaning.

Dr. Maisel provides workshops in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Prague and Rome and other locations worldwide, at workshop centers like Esalen, Kripalu, Omega, Hollyhock, Rowe and the Open Center, and at venues as diverse as the Paris Writers Workshop, the Savannah College of Arts and Crafts, and the American Conservatory Theater. He writes for the Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Fine Art America and Professional Artist Magazine.

Dr. Maisel’s books have been translated into Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Czech, Chinese, Italian, Turkish and other languages and he has provided hundreds of radio, television and print interviews on the subjects of creativity and making meaning. He trains creativity coaches and maintains an extensive individual creativity coaching practice.

Praise for Dr. Eric Maisel’s Natural Psychology Workshops

“I found Eric Maisel’s natural psychology workshop extremely useful. It will change my life and I intend to use his methods to change the lives and practices of many of my psychiatric patients.  Dr. Maisel is a clear and original thinker who is above all pragmatic and effective—and personally he is kind and accepting. I recommend that you make sure that you meet Eric and gain from the extraordinary wisdom he has to offer.”
—Dr. Laurie Jo M.

“Eric Maisel is an extraordinary teacher. He was able to present a very complex subject in a very palatable manner that gave me much to think about. It was also perfect timing for me personally!”
—Maggi C.

“I’ve taken many workshops at Esalen and other places but this has been one of the very best. Dr. Maisel created a warm and welcoming environment in which we were all able to speak our truths—some that we’d never been able to admit to ourselves. Now I understand why I’ve never been able to find sustained meaning—with this workshop I have clarity about what I value and what I need to do next.”
—Dr. Lisa F.

“I give Natural Psychology: Exploring the New Psychology of Meaning a Big A+!! I loved the way that Dr. Maisel presented the material. It was simple and accessible and provided me with a real opportunity for clarity about how I might make meaning in my life.”
—Debra P.

“Natural Psychology: Exploring the New Psychology of Meaning proved an excellent exposition of clear ideas – just as Dr. Maisel does in his books—combined with good exercises that elicited a thoughtful and interesting range of responses. He also addresses questions very much on point and is a pleasure to talk with.”
—Dr. Ralph L.

“I highly recommend Eric Maisel’s workshop on natural psychology because he teaches us how to use our own values to make sure to carve out time in our daily lives to devote to creating meaning—to focus on achieving things that really matter and are the most important to us.”
—Kathleen L., MSW, Medical Social Worker

“Dr. Maisel offers an empowering vocabulary and way of thinking about taking conscious responsibility for creating the meaning in one’s life. It is a shift in stance that helped me feel more confident that I can both experience life more richly and be more at peace with those times that aren’t so rich.”
—Ken S.

“I really enjoyed Eric Maisel’s natural psychology workshop. It far exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated the distinction he drew between seeking/waiting for meaning and making meaning. That and his thoughtful way of explaining meaning making and ways to practice and incorporate that into my life have provided a really helpful and exciting way to move forward. For me, my path forward is now much clearer.”
—Jeff T.

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Eric Maisel, Ph.D., founded the profession of creativity coaching and the field of natural psychology. He is the author of more than 35 books and presents workshops nationally. Learn more about Eric »


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