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Praise for A Philosopher's Notes.

Brian Johnson has written a wonderful book on optimal living that is very easy to read and has invaluable suggestions on how to live authentic, successful, loving, and happy lives. There is great wisdom in this book to help enrich anyone’s life no matter what their age. I wish this book was available 40 years ago when I was just starting out on my own life journey. I whole heartedly recommend it.

~ Apn-mackeyJohn Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods

Curiosity can kill cats but it can also create cool cats and Brian Johnson is, no doubt, the coolest cat I know. If I could install a "chip" in Chip's head that allowed me to download this book all day long, I'd do it in a minute. Or maybe not, because one of the brilliant truths of "A Philosopher's Notes" is the visceral sense of discovery you experience each time you turn the page. These notes are more than streams, they are raging rivers of wisdom and reading just a half dozen pages at a time will sustain you for a week.

~ Apn-conleyChip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and author of PEAK and Emotional Equations

Brilliant! Brian Johnson has a rare gift for fresh-squeezing timeless wisdom and serving it up with a grin. Every single page of this phenomenal little book is packed with life-changing insights and down-to-earth charm. Prepare to get smarter, healthier and happier from the moment you pick it up!

~ Apn-gerasimoPilar Gerasimo, Editor in Chief, Experience Life Magazine

A great resource to live life at your absolute best.

~ Apn-sharmaRobin Sharma, author of the #1 international bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title

As a man who's invested better than twenty years inspiring people to lift heavy things to live stronger, it's unsettlingly refreshing to have something so small lift me up and make me stronger and wiser. Brian has mastered the skill of creating "concentrated wisdom" that gives you more freedom, energy and clarity per second than any thing you can do, be or read. I love this book!!

~ Apn-phillipsShawn Phillips, bestselling lifestyle fitness author, Strength for LIFE and Gold Star Practice Contributor to Integral Life Practice

Imagine if there was a book about personal growth that captured all the great lessons of all the hundreds of other great books and teachers? Look no further, this is the book! A Philosopher's Notes reads as quick as a page-turning novel, yet is filled with great nuggets of wisdom. Johnson makes every word count but does so with wit and style. Whether you've read 'em all or are new to the self-help aisle, A Philosopher's Notes is a must-read. It's one of, if not the best I've read (and I've read a lot of them). Already excited for number two.

~ Apn-wachobJason Wachob, creator of

Brian's passionate love of wisdom oozes from A Philosopher’s Notes. It’s infectious. Distilling ancient wisdom to its essence, A Philosopher’s Notes cuts through the noise of uncertainty. Without a wasted word Brian brings modern-world relevance to often-ambiguous philosophical writing, making it accessible and relevant to us all. It truly is the modern-day guide to optimal living.

~ Apn-brazierBrendan Brazier, bestselling author of Thrive and formulator of Vega

You know how amazing lemon essence is? In a single drop, a whole orchard of lemon brilliance. That's what Brian Johnson is to wisdom. He's taken the best from the best and distilled it down to something that's pure, punchy and practical. A Philosopher's Notes is like an entire library on the secret to your Great Work in the palm of your hand.

~ Apn-stanierMichael Bungay Stanier, author of Do More Great Work

Brian is a master learner, synthesizer and Creator! This book holds more wisdom than most of us absorb in a lifetime. What a great place to start on the journey – or to use as a “check point” along the way. Thanks, Brian, for your contribution to conscious evolution!

~ Apn-emeraldDavid Emerald, author of The Power of TED*

Brian Johnson sees life as a great work-in-progress and each of us as an aspiring artist. With cultivation and practice, we create a masterpiece with and through our lives. Brian's insights, stories, and living example inspire us to fulfill our purpose and potential, and to create an awesome life – for ourselves and those around us!

~ Apn-klein Jeff Klein, author, Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living

The little book in your hands will save you big amounts of time, energy and money. How? Brian Johnson has spent years scouring metric tons of publications and figured out what really works so you don't have to. The result? He's made the path to optimal living fun and simple for the rest of us. What more could you ask for?

~ Apn-lanierTripp Lanier, host of The New Man Podcast

Perhaps nothing is more important than accelerating our growth as a species, which takes wisdom, clarity, curiosity, and most of all a spirit of fun. Brian Johnson delivers all these qualities and more. Diving into A Philosopher's Notes is like stepping into a Maserati for personal growth - get ready to be pinned to your seat with a wide smile while Brian puts the pedal to the metal on your self-actualization.

~ Apn-dinanStephen Dinan, CEO, The Shift Network and author of Radical Spirit

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