On a Thursday.

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    Today I am grateful for my ideal doctors appointment. For the delicious lunch from SunCafe For the perfect double date dinner at Pace. For great quality time with friends. And for hopefully figuring out what has been making my body hurt all the time...thank you alexandra !


      Would be incredibly grateful for any positive thoughts & energy...my mom is in the hospital. She's having emergency surgery... exploratory for a blockage in her bladder that's stopping her bladder from working & is stopping one of her kidneys from working right. A few weeks ago she found out she has nodules on her lungs...so they're worried about it being cancer. 😧 😌 😒

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        Love and prayers sent for you both ❀️️


      Nurturing Your Soul - Interview with Renee Trudeau.

      We explore:
      * Why self-care is a spiritual practice
      * How to connect to your Wise Self for guidance
      * Why energy management is more important than time management
      * The importance of creating a support network
      * How we can create more joy and get more done by slowing down



        I just saw this on facebook and had to share. What an Awesome Man, a courageous Soul. He has passed away at 106.

        Sir Nicholas Winton - BBC Programme "That's Life"…: http://youtu.be/6_nFuJAF5F0

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          ellen mary elizabeth

          very touching!