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#329 - November 25th - Everywhere & Nowhere

What is the role of fullness in maturity ? What is the value of duality ? Read about this on WordPress at this link -

Concepts and "mentions" include - Archetypes, Behavior, Benevolence, Capability, Choice, Destruction, Differences, Duality, Embodiment, Environment, Fullness, Gender, God, Humanity, I Am, Immaturity, Integrity, Intention, Joel Goldsmith, Limitation, Maturity, Mythology, Negativity, Nurturing, Patience, Real...

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    Looking forward to each day. I am grateful for each perfect moment.

    Thankful for wonderful life.

    Grateful for perfect health ....

    Accepting with joy and pleasure and gratitude all the good that Life offers ....

    Continuous thoughts of gratitude and joy heal anything and everything.

    Thankful for humor and joy.

    Grateful for Divine .....
    Breathing in this body .....
    I give thanks for this movie ment in its Perfection ..
    Grateful for the Truth ...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    May all...

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      Keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy. - Kahlil Gibran

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        Stephanie Zuvela

        Beautiful photo Pitty. Love the colours 💚💚💚

      2. Blank

        pitty retina

        yesssssss , Stephy ...
        much loving 💞💜

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      Grateful for the kitty love from Mr. Boo this morning although he is making it hard to type.
      Grateful for my son-in-law who noticed I left my interior light on last night and shut it off for me.
      Grateful for early quiet mornings.
      Grateful for technology and the wifi card that I was shown by a friend that I can use in my DSLR.
      Grateful for the skill set to get things done in these last few ridiculously busy days.
      Grateful for abundant health, wealth and happiness.