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I believe this, Life supports Itself or it would have ceased to be long ago . . .

There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance... and in any moment, you are allowing it or not.

What someone else does with the Stream, or not, does not have anything to do with how much of it will be left for you.

This Stream is as abundant as your ideas allow it to be.

~ Abraham-Hicks

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    Today I am grateful for the incredible family time experiencing once in a life time opportunities day after day in Alaska/Canada on the cruise.

    Grateful for the ability to let it go over and over and stay in commitment/stay in positive action to reach my goals/what I'm committed to being.

    Grateful for my network of great peeps ready and able to help me with whatever I need to be great. :-)

    Grateful for southwest airlines "refund" policy..I really love that you can cancel, even last minute ...

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      "Give us each day our daily bread ..." Luke 11:3
      Here's how we can give bread to and become bread for one another.

      One in nine people on earth (approximately 795 million people) suffer from chronic malnutrition. Yet, there is enough food to feed the world's population.

      “We are in front of a global scandal of around one billion – one billion people who still suffer from hunger today. We cannot look the other way and pretend this does not exist.” –- Pope Francis, 9 December 2013

      Based on an ...

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        Grateful for this moment in Perfection .....
        Grateful for all the blessing , here and everywhere ....
        Grateful for Divine connection , guidance , protection ...
        Grateful for vacation mood , all peaceful and smooth ....
        Grateful for the weather ,🌷 💦🌞💦🌞💦🌷
        Grateful for 💙🐱💜🐱💙🐱💜🐱💙
        Grateful for yoga 😊 , meditation , Life persei ......
        grateful for week lessons and growings ...
        grateful to breathe ....
        in this body , in this plane , in peace , in ease ,in joy , in perfect radiant health , in abunda...

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          “Your Kingdom Come” we pray each time we say the Our Father. Unlike earthly kingdoms with borders, checkpoints and boundaries, the kingdom of God knows no boundaries:

          Nationality? - It doesn’t matter.
          Liberal? Conservative? - It doesn’t matter.
          Ethnicity? - It doesn’t matter.
          Language? - It doesn’t matter.
          Age? - It doesn’t matter.
          Skin colour? - It doesn’t matter.
          Political affiliation? - It doesn’t matter.
          Religious affiliation? - It doesn’t matter.
          Economic status? - ...

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            ABBA FATHER

            We are used to the Our Father as recorded in Matthew’s gospel (6:9-13), Here we have the shorter version from Luke (11:2-4).

            As you pray the Our Father today, consider this: Why would the disciples - who as Jews were steeped in prayer since childhood - now ask Jesus to teach them to pray? Is it possible that they were asking for a uniquely distinctive prayer as his disciples? Probably the disciples of John the Baptist had their own special kind of prayer.

            Responding to ...

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