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Waiting for this moody moment to dissipate. I keep reminding myself that the heart breaks over and over till it remains open. I always hope that this time is the last, but then think that if my heart ever stops breaking, it will be because I have stopped feeling, and pain is better than that. So I am grateful for my broken heart in a weird, awful way.

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    Mary Kay

    Sending hugs to you Tanyakl .


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    I'm grateful for my capability to understand people from this level,and to understand their intentions :))))))))!!!!!!Super grateful for this power inside of me,who gave that i do not have to hide from Negative people ,situations in the style of finding in the same in that specific moment :))))) Super grateful for finding object of love in style of finding my own" rock" that will represent my unconditional love for this beautiful world that im living in :))))))))!!!Im super grateful for obj...

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      pitty retina


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      ellen mary elizabeth

      thanks NN, lovely words, lovely to see you are so empowered and lovely that you share your wisdom here. Happy happy! : ) 💖