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#334 - November 30th - Out of Sync ?

What do you do when you feel out of sync with Life ? What do you believe are the effects of your own spiritual practices ? Read about this on WordPress at this link -

Concepts and "mentions" include - Adjustment, Alignment, Assumption Abbey, Awakening, Awareness, Burgundy, Choice, Contemplation, Devotion, Ego, Faith, Frequency, Fruitcakes, Harmony, Hiking, Intention, Knowledge, Meaning, Mie, Old English, Patience, Peace, Perfectio...

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    I’m a big fan of the Advent calendar and every year, I get mine. It’s always a joyful moment, every morning, to open my window and eat slowly and consciously my little chocolate.
    For this reason, I decided to create the “Happy Advent Calendar” that will consist of spreading more Joy, Happiness and Love for the last month of 2015.
    Enjoy the little surprise that might make a huge difference in your day!
    1: Donate the clothes that you did not wear for the past 6 months! Today, you’re Santa Claus!

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      I'm grateful for healing. In all ways.

      I'm grateful for a clean sink. It represents setting boundaries and listening to my inner voice, fully.

      I'm grateful for much time reflecting recently. I'm grateful to begin moving again.

      I'm grateful for all the people who are passing through my life, those who stay around and those who move in. It's all part of building experiences and learning.

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        Grateful for this moment in its Perfection ....
        Grateful for this holy instant
        Gtateful for peace .....
        Grateful for the truth of Being ...

        As the Sun shines upon my heart, so may my heart shine upon others.....🔆

        May all Being be happy ...
        May all Being be at peace ...
        May all Being be awake ....
        May all Being be free ....
        May all Being see God in everything and everyOne...
        Divine protection to all animals 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐓🐶🐮+ fauna ☘ 🌻🍃 this precious globe ...

        Blessings to all
        Om Danke Om

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          #Blissilpines...#DECLUTTERED Christmas many gifts that I already had from buying them all year long when I'd find something "perfect" for fun! I don't know how I forget I do these things..but it makes it so much more fun when I find things!

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            Today I am grateful for the endless knowledge that I'm able to learn.
            For the yummy raman leftovers.
            For our wedding venue for almost being booked...just a couple more negotiations.
            For getting most of our Christmas shopping done..thank you Amazon.
            And for brian .me's optimizer being about motivating/giving meaning for why to eat healthy/be healthy...I've been trying to figure out how to get people to actually want to be good to themselves when it comes to their diet, exercise..etc and I thi...

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