Learning to speak Light and learning to Live in Light.

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    "By creating a new mythos-- that is, a change in the way we perceive reality, the way we see ourselves, and the ways we behave-- la mestiza creates a new consciousness"
    - Gloria Anzaldúa from La Frontera

    This piece about moving towards a new consciousness is amazing for anyone who is multicultured (which most of us are). And yes I made up the work "multicultured" haha.


      5 years ago for 20 years we owned an 1855 country home w/44 acres 2 barns, a silo 44 acres and a nice pond. Geeeeeee, I miss it. Especially when I pass it and the people that bought it sans 39 acres tore down the big barn milk house and carport and lots of trees. Everyone to their own thing.
      Enjoy my friend


        For many years I was a wanderer.

        I wandered through the Himalayas, South America, all manner of wildernesses and countries and through a wide array of work and life experiences and I even wandered through many of my relationships.

        A rolling stone……

        And as a wanderer, I used to feel that discipline and commitment and dedication were restrictive ways of being. They were words and ideas that seemed antithetical to freedom. They didn't seem to allow me to just do whatever I wanted to do whenev...

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