Hey All,

I just wanted to share the link for the premiere of my Wife and I's new show. The first episode will be about nurturing and protecting love, even in the most stressful of times.

New show with Skye Burns Dunn and David Dunn premieres next week. The power of twin flame love!


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    Grateful for all ....
    Grateful to Be Here Now ....
    Grateful for this Peaceful Perfect moment ..
    Grateful for abundant health ,wealth and Happiness ....
    Grateful to see .....
    Grateful for connection , guidance , protection ...
    breathing , sensing , feeling , thinking
    Feeling loved and taking care .....
    Grateful for the Truth .....
    Grateful for water , foos , electricity , internet
    In Love , in Peace , in ease , in grace , in Service , IN GOD
    Grateful , blissful , blessed


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      Today I am grateful for...
      + Just a moment ago an opportunity to do something special for a friend.
      + Mr boo doing stretches between me an d the keyboard making it hard to type. He's missing Laurie terribly.
      + Fridays.
      + The bike ride last night, taking out someone who wanted to give it a try and loved it.
      + All packed and ready to go reunite with Laurie tonight.
      + you.
      .................................................... an abundant life.

      1. Blank

        pitty retina

        enjoy Paul ....💙

      2. Blank

        Cynthia Linck

        My daily bike ride takes place in my spare bedroom with a good book!

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      I am grateful for connecting with international friends by Skype and new possibilities emerging and feeling the fun of like-hearted co-creative synergy!

      grateful for being of help running an errand and walking back pleasantly noticing the flowing creek and butterflies and sparkles and happy people passing by and greeting happy doggies along the way : )

      grateful for things falling into place for an upcoming roadtrip to visit a relative, and making a call to a potential future collaborator wh...

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        #blissiplines a little...7 hours at the healing spa took up my day. ;-)

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