Yay - Back to the Blissiplines! I never stopped doing them...just stopped posting them. I missed posting them here - so I'm back! Thanks Brian Johnson for your amazing website!!!!

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    I Finally finished my book 'Upgradeology' and am thrilled to be back on en*theos! If you are interested you can check it out at www.upgradeology.com or on Amazon.com. Would love your feedback! Thank you for letting me share! Happy Sunday everyone!

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      #186 - July 5th - Mastering Fear

      What are you afraid of ? Have you ever gone ahead and did something you were afraid of ? Read about this on WordPress at this link - http://wp.me/p5vzL4-nb

      Concepts and "mentions" include - Anxiety, Awareness, Breath, Challenges, Confidence, Courage, Danger, Discernment, Emotion, Experience, Failure, Fear, Fritz Pearl, Gestalt, I-dentity, Imagination, Inspiration, Jack Nicholson, Mike Dooley, Morgan Freeman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Reality, Strength, Success, ...

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        I know I say this a lot, but it's always true; I am grateful for en*theos oasis and all of you. Whenever I start to feel the illusion of disconnection, all I have to do is come to this site and feel the vibration of connection that lives here, and I'm right again. My deepest thanks to you all.

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          ellen mary elizabeth

          deep bow to you for your thanks and presence here as well!