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Grateful for this moment in Perfection ...∞
Grateful for the Truth of Being .....
Grateful for all blessings and abundance in this plane experience ∞
Grateful for commitment ....
Open , ready and willing ...
From fear to Love ....
May all Being Be happy , peaceful , awake ,free ....
Divine protection to all fauna 🐱🐱🐱🐱 flora in 🔵
Ad Guray Nameh

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    Grateful for another early rise.
    Grateful for the beautiful snow.
    Grateful for safe travels.
    Grateful for a win day at work yesterday after a few really rough days.
    Grateful for my strengths and more willingness to delegate.
    Grateful that my property tax dropped (whoa, does that ever happen?)
    Grateful for my sense of humour and the people who "get" me.
    Grateful for abundance.


      Grateful for some great inner flow today and some really wow timings and wonderful things happening all day long! Grateful for love and loved ones, warm sunshine, time outside enjoying the mountain in all her beauty, wonderful online/texting connections throughout the day and just being super happy! Yeah to Steph for her great news! Grateful for this morning intending something that someone had borrowed be returned to me, and today at the grocery store, (besides them seeming to be out of o...

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          Today I am grateful for the easy travels.

          Grateful for armita wimter coat with fuzzy hood...def needed here in NY.

          Grateful for meeting up with and hanging with Diedre..and how cool it was to run into her on the subway in the sane car! So unexpected.

          Grateful for my flawless glowing skin..I love being healthy!

          And for fun exploratory time at cute and biate upstairs beautiful! Def should check out if you visit NY



            Here’s one short verse, from a longer poem, that may well serve as a good companion during this season of lent, a privileged season for some serious soul-work and inner exploration:

            If leaf trash chokes the stream-bed,
            reach for rock-bottom as you rake
            the muck out.

            What, in your life, is the leaf-trash that’s choking the flow?

            What disciplines can you exercise in order to reach for rock-bottom and clear the path?

            Quotation from “Pathetic Fallacies are Bad Science ...

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              "You don't need to love yourself more.
              That implies love is a verb and a place to get to. You actually push love away when you see it as a job to accomplish.
              You are love. I am love. We don't need to work to access more.
              The harder we try to get to love, the more we block ourselves from receiving the love that we already are.
              You don't need to be more thankful, you are gratitude.
              You don't need to get more in the moment. You are the moment.
              The effort is an addictive way of blocking all of th...

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                So, you could be on a high-flying disc that feels like love and appreciation; or you could be on a low-flying disc that feels like ornery. And if you’re wondering what disc you’re on, just notice the people around you. If they are ornery, that’s the disc you are on. And If they are on your disc, that is your point of attraction.

                Possessing the audacity to do the mundane, while expecting miracles to come from it, explains every heroic and supernatural feat known to humankind.

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