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so much to be grateful for
a big yucky is trying to overshadow all the goodness
I don't want to run
I don't want to hide
I don't want to spiritually bypass less than happy emotions, that makes shadow.
But as I'm typing I am remembering my tools.
45 seconds to watch an emotion
2min gratitude practice I posted recently
allowing gratitude for the good that came from the yuck
because there's always threads of gold and goodness
and I see them clearly
but I was shaken to the core
and the ...

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    Thoughts are not your friend.
    They do not really belong to you.
    Dive deeper, deeper within yourself.
    Try to understand who you are by diving deep within yourself.
    Do not look to man.
    Do not look to the universe.
    Do not look to things.
    Look to your self.
    Only you can know yourself.
    No one can really help you. In the last analysis
    you have to give up all reactions to this world.
    Surrender yourself totally.
    How do you surrender yourself?
    By letting go, letting go of all the concepts,
    letting go ...

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      Mark Hoover

      "My favorite definition of mythology: other people’s religion. My favorite definition of religion: misunderstanding of mythology. The misunderstanding consists in the reading of the spiritual mythological symbols as though they were primarily references to historical events."

      ~ Joseph Campbell, “Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor”


    This is why I love Joesph Campbell:

    "Truth. “What is Truth” Pontius Pilate asked the great enlightened teacher Jesus of Nazareth. Indeed, we must also ask this as every generation must. I say “Truth” is that which is universal. There may be “truths” with a small “t” which vary and change with each succeeding generation but “Truth” remains true everywhere and in every time.

    There is a latin term “disjecta membra” which means the scattered remains of a culture. It can be pottery shards, writings or art. When we gather these things from Egypt, Benin, Palestine, Mexico or any other culture we find common themes. This is because we are all human and it is these themes which are Truth.

    You play a role, many roles, which have been played out a million times by human beings all over the world. You are girl, lover, wife, mother and grandmother. You are boy, beloved, father and grandfather. Jealous lovers, loving spouses, rebellious adolescents. All roles as in a play. The setting of the play changes but the play remains the same.

    Our mythologies are our life’s stories. You, or a part of you, have lived many times before. Just as in this life you have played many roles so have you played these same roles over and over again. You have seen your child die of fever and you have been the dying child. You have been a lover in a shaded bower on a spring day tracing your fingers along your lovers back. You have been a soldier and a priest. A noble and a peasant.

    All the same. All the same. The patterns repeat like the refrain of a song. This is why we study mythology. So we know who we are."

    “Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    — William Shakespeare Macbeth (Act V, Scene V).

    ~ Samsaran

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      Grateful for sun and my car. Just remembered all the places it brought me to. Love you, car. Thank you for the memories and much more time together.

      I am grateful for crazy ideas making me dream freely for a while :))) Yes, freedom

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        thank you, this was so much more helpful than you could possibly realize


      How can we protect ourselves from toxic people, especially when they are from our family system?
      First of all, sharing the same family system doesn’t mean we have to share their toxicity. Blood does not create instinctive love. If we place ourselves and our life in the first position, our soul will be grateful.
      It’s challenging when we have to deal with poisonous people. It’s even more challenging and hurtful when they are our mother, father or our sibling. If we adopt the role of victim, it ...

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