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Hello Europe ...Hello world ...Serbia calling hahahahahhaha..Ok, our highest points are going to... tan tan ta naaaaa (music) hahahahhaha... 8 points to my soul :)))))10 points to my heart and 12 points for everything :)))))))))!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAH a bit joking :))))))!!!!!!Simulation of Eurovision contest :)))))Grateful for beautiful morning in ma flat :))))))Soon ill be in my beautiful house in my city home for a few days:))))To visit my parents and etc... Wohoooo ...Amazing ;)))))))!!!!!! Gr...

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      Some art work I did that is on a permanent public art wall in Edmonton came to mind when I heard Robert Moss talk about dreams being THE most potent was for our soul to speak to us, reflecting our own deeper wisdom as well as of teacher beings who want to help us. As we gain facility in working in the multidimensional space of dreams, we can receive profound answers to what we really need to know to navigate our lives.

      Dreamwork is truly all about remembering, Robert tells us. It’s about ...

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        Today I am grateful for the great workout I got today. I'm grateful for Josh meditating with me yesterday. For the fun friend catching up with armita and Sara. For finally putting away ALL of the laundry and for the CLEAN SHEET DAY!! SO excited to go to bed tonight..I love fresh clean sheets.

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          Hi dear kindred souls!

          When I took this pic I felt inspired to share it together with this quote.
          Seize the day!

          "Every blade of grass
          has an angel leaning over it
          whispering: grow, grow, grow
          This blade of grass
          will push through cement
          seeking the light"

          ~ Talmud; Jewish mystical writing


            "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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              Kim Ho Leung

              Certainly love this one, Judith! I'm even using this wonderful quote on the homepage of our website =^}