Week 22-24 & THEMES OF SPIRITUAL SEARCH DAYS 119-139 ✣ Back in the saddle again ✣ Pure amazement ✣ Seeing my inner "enemy" & restoring Fukushima ✣ Day 1 video release & being crushed by love ✣ The new level of experiences & feelings ✣ Internal shift is the external shift
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I started a spiritual journey into myself, in finding genuine inspiration and joy to make personal, local and therefore being part of making global change, possible. My purpose is to facilitate our awareness into having clean&free zero-point energy, food & lifestyle as our medicine and source for thriving, with trust and inspiration leading education & work life in an environment, which does not need our protection any more, because we have chosen to live and work together from a new standard of awareness; the basis of our actions is the fulfillment of our life's purpose and therefore the triple bottom line. My purpose is to take the possibilities of spiritual self-leadership in to the top Scandinavian, European universities, to the center of our EU governments and business leaders. This is my supreme duty.
Join the internal evolution movement. The aim and the journey is to connection to our authentic life, to the inspiration within. Start your personal, spiritual path of meaning and purpose, with and for all of us. This is how the world changes, from ground up, because we’re not leaving space any more for the wicked challenges we’re dealing with today. With the internal focus on personal inspiration follows the external growth of positive change - in the face of it all and through them. We are the change ❤️


    Miracles are part of the weekly horoscopes. Breathe. Surrender. Enjoy. Your angels got your back.


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      Grateful for the Truth .......
      In Truth , in Trust , in openness , in disponibility, in Love , in Peace , in Gratitude , in GOD ....
      Breathing , Healing ...
      Grateful for all Blessings and miracles in this experience ....
      Grateful to decide to stay longer in Bed ....
      Truth is all .....
      Grateful , grateful , grateful
      Blessed Be
      Namo . Namo

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        Today I am grateful for a beautiful morning.

        Grateful for being appreciated for making breakfast...which is something I love to do considering I really like care for others.

        Grateful that I took a picture of the class assignment that is due on Nov 2nd..because it's not up not the site yet and had I not I wouldn't have been able to start on it and I have A LOT to do these next couple of weeks and need to get it done this weekend. YAY!

        Grateful for creating vitamin packs, prepping food, doin...

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          I am grateful for meditation, exercise, good food, time in nature and time with boyfriend and time with family. I am grateful for getting started on a project, which is important to me. Finally. Ready, steady, go. I am grateful for cooking together. I am grateful for generous people.

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            Jaya Chauhan

            What a sweet love you are..blessings dear Arzu!


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            Today I am grateful for...
            that dream where the Divine spoke to me and told me that I'm amazing and I won't settle and when it's time I'm going to have an amazing partnership
            greater awareness of my energy
            getting prepared for a great healing protocol
            new beginnings to come
            my mind
            kombucha that I make myself...