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    Today I am grateful that everything went well at the doctors, also that I got to see how a cast is made..interesting. I am also grateful for the amazing massage I received, my knots and aches are gone! Also for my calm mental attitude I have had lately, really helpful for everything. And for the invention of Hot Buns, literally my favorite hair invention and so wonderful and easy to put up hair in a PERFECT BUN in less then 20 seconds!!!

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      I'd love some input on a specific meditation question. I've been experimenting with different practices for a couple of years and one thing I haven't tried is TM. Every once in awhile I get sucked into their messaging and all of their "scientific proof" of how awesome the technique is......I even went in for an introductory talk...but I've never signed up. If it really is a game changer I'd like to try it, but if it's just another technique with a high price tag and a lot of celebrity endorse...

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        CREAM OF THE JESTERS | PHILIP NERI (1515-1595)

        One of my favorites has his feast today: Philip Neri. A model of simplicity, joy, engagement with the culture and the transforming power of the arts. Of
        him Phyllis McGinley has written:

        When Philip Neri walked abroad
        Beside the Tiber, praising God,
        They say he was attended home
        By half the younger set of Rome.

        Knight, novice, scholar, boisterous boy
        They followed after him with joy.
        To nurse his poor and break his bread
        And hear the funny ...

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          1) discipline is about: "Mind over Matter" - "If you don´t mind, it doesn't matter".
          2) discipline is about: "Get comfortable getting uncomfortable".
          3) discipline is about: "Proactive Pressure".
          4) discipline is about: "Do It Again" and again until you master & become resilient to adversity.



            Saint Philip Neri, a 16th-century Italian priest and founder of the Oratorians, was known for his keen sense of humour and quick wit. It is said that he had a a sign on his front door saying, “The House of Christian Mirth.” He was willing to make fun of himself — wearing his clothes inside out or shaving half his beard, for example — to make others laugh. With a joke book in his pocket and a friendly smile on his face, he easily drew people to him through h...

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