“Your Kingdom Come” we pray each time we say the Our Father. Unlike earthly kingdoms with borders, checkpoints and boundaries, the kingdom of God knows no boundaries:

Nationality? - It doesn’t matter.
Liberal? Conservative? - It doesn’t matter.
Ethnicity? - It doesn’t matter.
Language? - It doesn’t matter.
Age? - It doesn’t matter.
Skin colour? - It doesn’t matter.
Political affiliation? - It doesn’t matter.
Religious affiliation? - It doesn’t matter.
Economic status? - ...

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    We are used to the Our Father as recorded in Matthew’s gospel (6:9-13), Here we have the shorter version from Luke (11:2-4).

    As you pray the Our Father today, consider this: Why would the disciples - who as Jews were steeped in prayer since childhood - now ask Jesus to teach them to pray? Is it possible that they were asking for a uniquely distinctive prayer as his disciples? Probably the disciples of John the Baptist had their own special kind of prayer.

    Responding to ...

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      Today I am grateful for:

      - coloring books and colorful pencils

      - radish and cucumber

      - my boyfriends jokes

      - a long walk in the forest alone

      - electronic messages from friends and family near and far

      - that I did all in my might to make it a good day. Happy to start anew tomorrow lol



        And once we’re back to the topic of humility, here’s one short paragraph from Augustine 354-430 A.D. In this snippet from a sermon, Augustine argues that it is only roots deeply sunk in the dark, moist soil that enables upward growth. Here’s the quote:

        “Observe a tree, how it first reaches downwards so that it may then shoot upwards. It sinks its roots deep into the ground so that its top may reach towards the skies. Is it not from humility that it endeavours to grow? But wi...

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          Allow me to backtrack a little bit. Yesterday I posted the above quote with attribution. On Sunday, when I first heard it, I worked on the quote, the result of which was the above. As you can see I intentionally left the attribution out. I was experimenting. I used it in the context of a small group sharing, the topic of which was humility. Seeing the incongruence, everybody laughed heartily. The majority in the group spoke openly and honestly about humility and what an e...

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            Grateful to BE HERE NOW , IN THIS MOMENT IN PERFECTION , In peace , connected , guided , protected , in abundance , in body ,in Love , in Light , in Joy , in service , ....... feeling , sensing , deciding ,choosing breathing , peace of mind , peaceful spirit , grateful for food , clean clothing ,radiant health facilities , the joy of living....
            absolutely IN GOD ....
            LOVE EXPANDS , fear contracts ...... and we can choose , how cool is this ?
            Blessed Be
            Shanti Om ...

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