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Today I am grateful for a peaceful and interrupted sleep and an early rise (I decided to skip the lie in and read instead), I am grateful for a night full of dreams of future holidays and adventures and no negativity. Meaning I can go about my day positively and refreshed even if it is raining here :) God bless the weekend!

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    Grateful and blessed to Be here Now ...... in a healhy body , with a healthy heart , heallthy organs , with wonderful senses , Happy , Healthy and Holy , to have everything ......., Happy to Be here awake , aware , Grateful for beloved and healthy so called 🐱🐱🐱🐱, Blessed to have a so called family , friends , teachers , stu , work ...... Grateful for a warm bed , food facilities , precious home .... unbounded abundance ....
    appying , correcting , accepting , non resisting ....
    learning + unle...

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      Hi Brian,
      thanks for your note this morning on EVALUATING PROGRESS.
      The idea about evaluating not the result, but rather how much I stick to my plan is really great!!

      It's a completely different point of view
      - I value my ambition and my action. I value, what I do, THAT I do it after all, and it motivates me to keep on doing and through this it enables me to reach the goals by the way.

      Great, Great!

      Although I've felt quite awake already...
      THIS was my real eye-opener this morning!


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        Awesome day. We had presidential elections in my Intro to Soc class this morning. Again, for nearly 9 semesters in a row I've had a female democrat win. Woo hoo! It's Friday and I'm feeling good. We had a great discussion of patriarchal and matriarchal heads of household in the Marriage and Family class. I walked. I spent time with loved ones. I meditated, and I cared for my body (I took my vitamins and meditated.) I am thankful and I am here. I love Liz Dialto's Wild Soul Woman. I wish I cou...

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