The real world we are building

Posted previously about leading by example... think about this, how good we are in the world, what values we have, and how good of a job we do in expressing those... directly impacts everyone around us, most importantly it mainly impacts our children. Every day we are teaching them the ways of the world and how to be in the world. Let's teach them the world is a magical place where your dreams can come true if you work hard and listen to your Mom and Dad! Have ...

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    Grateful to Be here right Now , in this Holy instant , alive in this healty body , in this plane, happy and ready :-)
    Grateful to have a healthy heart , and consciously breathing :-)
    Grateful for beloved 🐱🐱🐱🐱
    Grateful for the Flow of Life , appreciating all the gifts in this experience , just to Be able to share this words , right here right Now:-)
    Grateful for the Truth :-)
    Grateful to everything and everyOne :-)
    Grateful to acknoledge my True Nature :)
    Thy will .....
    Just accepting ,...

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