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    Byron Katie: "When I did The Work ... compulsive overeating quit me, anger quit me … Everything what we consider as negative quit me. And everything that I considered as positive was enhanced. And I had no plan for this. I questioned my thoughts and I was left as a kinder human being."

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      #141 - May 21st - Basically Simple Stuff

      What does simplicity look like to you ? What is your perspective on aging ? Read about this on WordPress at this link -

      Concepts and "mentions" include - Aging, Alignment, Allowing, Awareness, Beauty, Beliefs, Change, Consensual, Conviction, Disharmony, Duality, Emotion, Energy, Expectations, Exploration, Flow, Gaia, God, Harmony, Integration, Interconnected, Intimacy, Journey, Love, Manifestation, Nature, Oneness, Patience, ...

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        Do you know that as you try and work out "how" your desire will come about, you are actually pushing your desire away from you? As you try and work out "how" you can make your desire happen, you are sending a huge message to the Universe that you do not have your desire. And if you’re not emanating the exact frequency of having your desire within you, how can the Universe possibly find your signal to deliver your desire?
        May the joy be with you,
        Rhonda Byrne



          Here’s a profound and lovely poem, simple words by Catherine of Siena. Read it again and again. Read it out loud or silently under your breath. Repeat the verse that grabs you. Hold on to it and carry it through your day, or better still, allow it to carry you through the day.

          He has never left you.

          It is just
          that your soul is so vast
          that just like

          the earth in its innocence,
          it may think,

          “I do not feel my lover’s warmth
          against my face right

          But look, de...

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            Oasis peeps - are you in the gaming industry or do you know someone you might be willing to connect me with?

            My son, who's 13 years old, has a video game idea he's been talking about for ... a longggg time. Like 2 years. Even though I have mixed feelings about video games, I like his idea quite a lot because it has the high end graphics and intensity of the more obnoxious shoot up games, but his messaging and what he's trying to show and teach are from the other side of the story.

            I don't...

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              Ever fix a poor decision and your gut immediately relaxes? I just did that and my whole body relaxed. Guess my inner self knew what was best (and I need to be better at listening to it)

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                I know exactly what you mean & happy for you :)

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