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Grateful to Be here Now :) in Presence , Conscious and Aware .....
Grateful for this moment in its Perfection :-)
Enjoying every moment to Be in this plane with all its necessary to Be with ( nothing is missing )
Happy , Healthy , Holy , Feeling cool , calm , connected , Beautiful , Bountiful , Blessed , Blissful , bold and brave:-)
Breathing , Open and ready for Benevolent G(o)od :)
Beloved 🐱🐱🐱🐱
Inspired action :-)
Seeing dreams comes to existence , Life smiling :-)
Not my will ( for ...

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      DEAR FRIENDS- In the world of spirituality there is a lot of talk- and much confusion- about the concept of "unconditional love".

      "Is giving love without any boundaries what I need to do to be happy? Is giving my heart to people who are being cruel and hurtful to me something that will set me free? Isn't it better to trust what I actually feel in any given situation instead of trying to be a more "spiritual/loving person" and be something I'm not?"


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          VOCA ME

          This is the text I prayed with early this morning. I listened to the haunting sounds of these young voices, allowing them to descend deep into the cavern of my heart, with the final crescendo piercing and awakening what was still dormant within me.

          If you desire to take it further, I propose you read the text as a poem, resting with the one phrase that attracts you the most. You may want to ask why you are attracted to it.

          As secret as a dream you call
          As silent as the night for a...

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            love and loved ones, water, yummy fresh food, rain, the internet, great friends, a wonderful massage, laughter, my woodland trail at sunset, spirit doggie's uplifting presence, helping other people with my mind & pitching in with my body, hugs, gratitude, asking & receiving in some pretty amazing ways, holding intention & following inspiration, music, beauty, being, breath, and all possibilities : )

            --blessings to all beings--