On this memorial of Saint Martha, as text for my early morning prayer, I used a short excerpt from Edwina Gateway "Rediscovering and Claiming the Feminine Soul". I wasn’t looking for the text. It found me. It’s been sitting on my desk for months and this morning it caught my attention. The couple of paragraphs may excite some and disturb others, console or irritate you. Whatever the case may be, I propose you honour whatever feelings stir within you, stay with them,...

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    The best way to accomplish an improved environment is to focus upon the best things about where you currently are until you flood your own vibrational patterns of thought with appreciation, and in that changed vibration, you can then allow the new-and-improved conditions and circumstances to come into your experience.

    Look for good things about where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations (and all limitations are self-imposed) and you free yourself...

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      Any one interested in coming to PLAY with me? Please, please?

      Here's what's up:

      I'm moving forward with the big leap and getting ready to launch my podcast (wow, it feels amazing to say that with such certainty!).

      It's called 'Glistening Particles: Conversations with inspiring random acquaintances'.

      I'm trying to shine some light on the people's stories who have managed to follow their passion, even in the midst of what one might call an 'every day' or 'normal' life. We all hear the stor...

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        David Dunn

        I'd be open to it, once I free up some space from all this stuff I got going on :)

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          Awesome!!! Let me know when you can and we'll get time scheduled! You already have my contact info :)


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        Today I am grateful for....
        + A little extra time this morning as I have training that starts and hour later than my usual start time.
        + A ride with some Good ol' boys in the forest yesterday.
        + The nap I had after the ride/shower/dinner :)
        + The thought of the up and coming 3 day weekend.
        .................................. abundant health, wealth and happiness.

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          Grateful to BE HERE NOW ....
          Feeling blessed ,grateful , thanksful ...
          Grateful for summer ....
          Grateful to breathe , in a radiant body , in this moment in Perfection ....
          Open , willing , ready ...
          Connected , guided , protected ...
          Grateful to change the mind ....
          Healing perception ...
          In absolute Peace , in LOve ,in ease , in Service , in Truth , in Trust , in abundance in the flow ,, in Light , in Joy, in GOD ....
          Blessed Be