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The Power of TED*

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Big Ideas from The Power of TED*


Rubber Bands & Your Ideals

"The way you create any outcome in your life is to hold the vision of your deepest desires. At the same time, though, you must honestly and accurately assess your current situation and how it relates to your greater vision....

Baby Steps

"It is the Baby Steps you take, the everyday things you do, that eventually lead to the manifestation of your outcome." ~ David Emerald from The Power of TED* It's so easy to throw up our hands and walk away...

Subject or Object?

Robert Kegan, in his classic book, “In Over our Heads,” talks about subject-object orientations. Try this one on: How you see the world is your subjective perspective. What you look at through that subjective perspective is the object of that...

Some Quotes from The Power of TED*

When you inhabit any of these three roles, you’re reacting to fear of victimhood, loss of control, or loss of purpose. You’re always looking outside yourself, to the people and circumstances of life, for a sense of safety, security, and sanity.
All of life’s experiences are teachers in some sense, challenging us to grow and evolve. Although the Persecutor certainly provokes a reaction, the Challenger elicits a response by encouraging the Creator to acquire new knowledge, skill, or insight. Both roles provoke change, but in different ways.
Victims may be defensive, submissive, over-accommodating to others, passive-aggressive in conflict, dependent on others for self-worth, overly sensitive, even manipulative. They’re often angry, resentful, and envious, feeling unworthy or ashamed about their circumstances. Have you ever felt or acted this way?

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