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Rethinking Depression

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Big Ideas from Rethinking Depression


Acting from Pride vs. Making Yourself Proud

“Acting from pride and making yourself proud are two different ideas. Of course we’re talking about the latter. Indeed, you may have to humble yourself in order to make yourself proud, say, by admitting that your drinking is out of...

How To Make Meaning

“... something like a method or set of principles does flow from the existential ideal. It sounds like the following: You weigh your actions against a vision you have of the person you would like to be, the person it...

Existential Intelligence

“Existential intelligence is that part of our natural inheritance that concerns itself with what things mean. It is the part that steps back, dons a wide-angle lens, and appraises in the realm of meaning.” ~ Eric Maisel, Ph.D. from Rethinking Depression...
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