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Dare to Be 100

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Big Ideas from Dare to Be 100


Believe In 100

“The most important step is the first. A journey of a hundred miles or years begins not with the first movement forward, but with the thought that precedes it. “The belief in 100” is so important because you are moldable,...

Work With Stress

“Any life of value will have bucketsful of potential stress producers; the secret to stress is to welcome it, work with it, and use its energy and challenges to make your life better... The most central ingredient in building a...

Work: It Does a Body Good

“Of all the longevity prescriptions offered by the centarians, work was number one. ... In general, centarians disregard advice to take it easy... As discussed earlier, work seems to be a biological necessity. Eighty-nine percent of centarians report having worked...
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