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Dr. Eric Maisel


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Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than thirty-five books. His inter­ests include cre­ativ­ity and the cre­ative life, men­tal and emo­tional health, and phi­los­o­phy and the art of mak­ing meaning.

Dr. Maisel’s recent books include Rethink­ing Depres­sion (New World Library, 2012), Mas­ter­ing Cre­ative Anx­i­ety (New World Library, 2011), and (with his wife Ann Maisel) Brain­storm: Har­ness­ing the Power of Pro­duc­tive Obses­sions (New World Library, 2010).

His books for cre­ative and per­form­ing artists include Fear­less Cre­at­ing, Coach­ing the Artist Within, The Van Gogh Blues, The Cre­ativ­ity Book, and Cre­ativ­ity for Life.


He is a regular contributor to both Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.



“Eric Maisel has a deep and unique understanding of the territory of meaning and he gets to the heart of the matter faster than anyone we know!”
—Vivian Nesbitt and John Dillon, Executive Producers, Art of the Song Creativity Radio

“Eric Maisel knows the intricacies of meaning like nobody else. Our single chat was the most useful and informative conversation I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously!”
—Velina Brown, The Business of ShowBiz

Eric teaches Fundamentals of Coaching at the en*theos Academy.

Courses at the en*theos Academy

Fundamentals of  Coaching

Fundamentals of Coaching

An Essential 5-Week Class For Prospective Coaches, New Coaches and Veteran Coaches. Learn more and sign up now!

Why Smart People Hurt

Why Smart People Hurt

A 4-week course on Meeting the Challenges of Being Bright. Learn more and sign up now!

Life Purpose Bootcamp

Life Purpose Bootcamp

Too many people are down on life and down on themselves. They feel defeated by the nature of reality, their past, their personality, and their circumstances. They don’t know what to change and hardly believe that real change is possible. Learn more and sign up now!

Real change is possible when you learn how to create meaning. Begin to create value-based meaning today!—learn how in this dynamic and important workshop.

Natural Psychology can change your life. Learn how in this 4-week intensive led by Eric Maisel, the founder of natural psychology.

Natural Psychology: Exploring The New Psychology of Meaning

Natural Psychology: Exploring The New Psychology of Meaning

You can’t find the meaning of life – it never was lost! Meaning never was something to be found in a philosophy, a religion, a belief system, or a way of life. Rather, meaning is a psychological experience. And because it is a psychological experience, you can create it.
  Learn more and sign up now!

Natural psychology is the first psychology to describe how to harness our innate capacity to create personal meaning. Learn how to embrace the profound paradigm shift from seeking meaning to making meaning, reduce the meaning crises and meaning leaks in your life and your emotional distress, and face each day more existentially decisive.

Through this 8-week class you'll understand how meaning operates in your life—and how you can nurture it, increase it, and sustain it.

Each week comes with a PDF + exercises you can follow along with week by week.

Your Best Life in the Arts

Your Best Life in the Arts

Whether you’ve only dreamed of beginning to write, paint or play an instrument or whether you’ve logged in thousands of hours at your craft, Your Best Life in the Arts is the perfect class for you.
  Learn more and sign up now!

Taught by America’s leading expert on the challenges of the creative life, Dr. Maisel has worked with thousands of artists in a multitude of settings. Take this opportunity to learn real answers to the challenges that confront you.

In this extensive, 14-week class, you will learn with America’s foremost creativity coach, Dr. Eric Maisel, to learn powerful answers that give you the best chance to succeed artistically, emotionally and practically as an artist.

This course comes with 14 PDF files + exercises to follow along with week by week.

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Your Morning Creativity Practice

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Study One Blade Of Glass

What might venturing out into nature and studying a blade of grass, a marigold, or a bamboo stalk have to do with creativity? If you’re a visual artist and your subject matter is nature, the connections are obvious. But what...