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Cortisol – The “Bad Boy” Hormone

You know that guy you dated in high school or college? The one who you know was bad news, but you went out with anyways?

That’s cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone. It’s designed to give us the bursts of energy we need to escape a dangerous situation, like running away from a tiger. Unfortunately, modern life often convinces our brains that everything is a stressful situation...and it’s nearly impossible to escape an overflowing inbox. Instead of resolving the issue, we stay on high alert all the time, with elevated blood pressure and glucose levels. Overtime, this becomes a serious health issue.

Weight gain, mood swings, poor sleep and memory issues are all warning signs of elevated cortisol. So what do can we do with our stress-filled modern lives?

Take a moment.

Your mind plays a major role in managing cortisol levels, so choose not to see everything as a stressor (as much as you may want to!). It may not feel like you have the time, but spend 15 minutes doing deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or even going for a short walk. The brief respite will clear your mind and remind you that you can handle this.

Do yourself a favor: choose not to date cortisol.

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