About en*theos

Some stuff you might like to know about our business.


This is Brian, your friendly Philosopher + CEO over here at en*theos. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about what we’re up to and we’re looking forward to growing together in the months and years and decades ahead! Here’s a quick look at our biz. :)

Our Name

Let’s start with our name: en + theos. Two little Greek words. Put ‘em together and you’ve got enthusiasm—or “God within”—the secret sauce to an authentically awesome life.

We thought the idea of creating a company that in- spires and empowers people to connect to the highest within themselves would be pretty powerful. So, we created “en*theos.”

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple: We help people optimize their lives so we can change the world together.

To achieve this, we strive to create the world’s best content + tools + other cool stuff on Optimal Living. (For us, Optimal Living = ancient wisdom + modern science + common sense + fundamentals + virtue + mastery + cool. The goal? Actualize our potential so we can most fully serve the world.)

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Our Virtues

Short version: Our business is founded on the timeless virtues of en*thusiasm, generosity and integrity. (+ fun! :)

Longer version: The classic Greek philosophers (think: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle) tell us that if we want happiness we’ve gotta live with what they called Areté—which directly translates as “excellence” or “virtue” but has a deeper meaning—something closer to: “living at your highest potential moment to moment to moment.” (Mini-manifesto here.)

Modern day scientists echo this wisdom. In fact, leaders of the Positive Psychology movement tell us that if we want to flourish, we need to put our virtues into action—embodying what they call “character strengths” ranging from wisdom, courage, and gratitude to love, creativity and kindness. (Take the VIA Character Strengths test here and discover your strengths!)

We figure that if we want to help you flourish, our *business* needs to be grounded in virtue. So, here are our top virtues—the qualities we strive to embody as we serve you and create cool stuff:

  • en*thusiasm. We named our business en*theos for a reason. As individuals actualizing within the context of our business, our highest goal—our ultimate purpose—is to more and more consistently connect to the highest within ourselves as we inspire and empower you to do the same. We know that if we want to most fully serve you, the most important meetings we have every day are with ourselves as we rock our fundamentals like meditation, exercise, good nutrition, practicing gratitude and other stuff that keeps us plugged in and shining with radiant enthusiasm.

  • Generosity. Did you know the word “generosity” comes from the Latin word generosus which means “of noble birth.” Yep. (Thanks to Tim Sanders for that love.)

    We strive to be noble, giving generously in everything we do—from our “Pick Your Price” model and scholarship offerings to our generous deals with our experts and our 5-star service.

    We give because we like to. It feels really good. :)

  • Integrity. From our perspective, we’re either integrated or we’re dis-integrating.

    For us, integrity shows up in the little things. We honor our commitments. We one-touch emails and go for efficient completions on tasks and projects.We know that theory and talking about high ideals is rudimentary training. The advanced stuff? LIVING the wisdom we know to be true. We’re committed to being in integrity by translating what we know into who we are and what we do.

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Our SPICEy Stakeholders

One of the key differences between a typical business and a Conscious (or, as we like to say “Optimal”) Business is the fact that, whereas a normal business focuses pretty much exclusively on maximizing profits for its shareholders, a conscious biz strives to maximize the benefit of all of its stakeholders.

Leading thinkers (thx Raj, Jag and David!) tell us that we want to get SPICEy, making sure we’re serving all of these stakeholders really well:

  • Society
  • Partners
  • Investors
  • Customers
  • Employees
Here’s how we approach our SPICEy stakeholders:
  • Society. We’re changing the world by inspiring and empowering people to be the change they want to see.
  • Experts. We’re committed to helping our experts amplify their wisdom while building their businesses. (And, hopefully, telling us: “That’s the best experience I’ve ever had in business!”)
  • Investors. We’re committed to creating wealth for our investors as we demonstrate that doing the right thing is good for business. (We’re pretty much a family-owned biz with a few small, close investors!)
  • Customers. We’re committed to helping our Philosophers optimize their lives and live with more happiness, meaning, mojo and en*thusiasm!
  • Employees. We’re committed to creating the greatest place to work as we help our team members actualize as they have fun making a positive contribution to the world.
Our SPICEy Stakeholders

General Operating Principles

We are committed to our personal, professional and business fundamentals that help us optimize so we can actualize as individuals and as a business. Here they are:

  • We move every day for at least 15 minutes (could be as simple as walking or stretching, but we move our body remembering the fact that *not* exercising is like taking a depressant--which isn’t wise.) Once a week we can pull a 1-minute card.
  • We train our attention via meditation (12-15 minutes per day w/one 1-minute card per week). We also practice gratitude and choosing the most empowered responses throughout our day. We don’t complain, criticize, or gossip.
  • We eat more whole foods and less refined foods. (Will be fun to quantify/ gamify/ socialify this via the Oasis!)
  • We understand the importance of disconnecting and always getting adequate rest.
  • We live full, enjoyable lives and eat our own dog food--embodying our fundamentals and showing up authentically in the world.

* Remember: An hour for fundamentals is on en*theos every day. Here’s to our biz serving as an awesome vehicle for our own optimization + actualization as we give our greatest gifts in greatest service to the world. :)

  • We’re fun, inspiring, en*thusiastic and awesome. People love interacting with us and we’re committed to being a bright spot in their day and the best experience they have in business. (If we find ourselves in an emotional state where we can’t show up that way, we take a few deep breaths/go for a walk/take a nap/do some jumping jacks/whatever it takes to be awesome!!)
  • We one-touch things that take less than two minutes.
  • We get our inbox to zero each time we touch it. We don't go into email unless we have the time and energy to efficiently and enthusiastically respond to each email in there. (Our inboxes are *not* open throughout the day as we use much more effective ways to communicate with one another on projects. See Procedure for email + Basecamp.) We check email no more than 10x/week. 500x/year max!
  • We follow through on our commitments. If we say we're going to do something, we do it. Period. As Norman Vincent Peale put it: “Promises are like crying babies in a theater, they should be carried out at once.”
  • We come from a Creator orientation, looking for solutions to challenges rather than criticizing/complaining like a helpless Victim.
  • We give the best to the most for the least. We *never* let cash get in the way.
  • We astonish all of our stakeholders: our customers, experts, team, investors and the world.
  • We never do anything lame (or gimmicky) marketing-wise (or otherwise). With all the typical internet marketing out there, this is one of our key strategic advantages.
  • We are always in integrity. If in doubt, just do the right thing. (It’s not that complicated.)
  • We get to market quickly with our ideas and continuously iterate - churn, churn, churn!
  • We treat our team members like family and strive to create the world’s best workplace.
  • We never do custom tech work. If it's not worth building into our system for all other clients we don't do it. No exceptions.
  • We focus on projects that are in our genius zone of Optimal Living. A lot of opportunities will continue to come our way and we need to be good at saying “No” when it’s not a fit. Our focus is another one of our key strategic advantages. (We’re not all things to all people!)
  • No drama. No gossip. Ever. If we have an issue, we speak directly to someone who can help us solve the problem.
  • We are ruthless about prioritizing tasks to always work on high impact activities and focus on the 20% of work that yields 80% of the results. Goethe tells us “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” Covey advises: “You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage— pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically, to say “no” to other things. And the way you do that is by having a bigger “yes” burning inside. The enemy of the “best” is often the “good.””
  • We follow guru Nike’s wise words and “Just Do It.” Procrastination is not a word in our vocabulary.
  • We are always *early* for our meetings and appointments. We set an amazing standard of not only being on time, but being totally ready + prepared. We spend the minute before our appointments taking 5 deep breaths, thinking of how much we appreciate the person with whom we will be interacting and how awesome our time together will be.
  • We are humble and don’t overpromise. We *always* overdeliver on our commitments and go the extra mile. (You could say we “underpromise and overdeliver”! Much better than getting all giddy and overpromising then underdelivering! :0)
  • We celebrate all wins! Big or small, we take time to reflect on our successes and baby-steps forward. In doing so, we feel the momentum of knocking over our micro-dominos on the way to the really big ones!
  • We love systems. Rather than constantly putting out fires, we focus on creating the systems that will prevent the fires in the first place.
  • We eat problems and challenges like energy bars. We know that problems, mistakes and challenges are part of the process. We approach them with a growth + anti-fragile mindset. They make us stronger.

Our Team